Carina Laus version of bitter love half life fate? This is clearly the elder sisters struggle to dominate the Shanghai beach

 Carina Laus version of bitter love half life fate? This is clearly the elder sisters struggle to dominate the Shanghai beach

Otherwise, if one is not careful, it is easy to live late.

The same applies to the cast of the new half life.


The crew of Shuini

Like the deer Ding Ji, the new version of half life fate was not publicized in the early stage, but quietly went online, and it was renamed love comes from.

The producer of the play, he Xiuqiong, is Qiongyaos daughter-in-law. It is said that she once invited Carina Lau to play the role of man Lu.

Finally, Carina Lau was moved and made a special schedule, hoping that the play can leave a strong mark in her acting career.

However, the controversy has not been broken since the shooting.

Several leading actors are older, and Jiang Xin looks fat. Whenever new materials are exposed, love comes from will usher in a new round of questioning.

Guo Xiaodong, one of the leading actors, even asked him directly on his micro blog why he was connected to the new version of love: how many good actors have capsized on the remake classic?

As it turns out, fans are very prescient.

It has been sung down all the time, but the water rebellion in the origin of love has just begun.

Shooting started in 17 years, and was shot in February 18.

At the beginning of May 19, the play, which was also called half life fate, held a press conference.

Preparing to broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV on May 9, it was suddenly stopped.

The playwright has to adjust the content.

Later, on May 30, the half life is ready to go on the star twice.

But in a few hours before the broadcast announced the withdrawal again, replaced by the hot ice breaking operation..

The content of banshengyuan has been abridged and modified, and its name has been changed to the origin of love, and the star is still hopeless.

Watching the stock play for a long time, the broadcasting effect will be even worse. Today, after being suppressed for one and a half years, it will be broadcasted from the station to the network.


Acting can not save the appearance of disobeying

When Carina Lau with a double ponytail sings Jasmine Flower, the audience is infatuated with it

Gu manlu, played by Carina Lau, is set in her early 30s.

The 30-year-old is considered to be the elder among the dancers, but the fact that she has been able to win the first prize three times in a row proves that her appearance is still gorgeous. What can I say about Carina Laus appearance? Anyway, it is not related to the Huakui.

This is not Huakui, but like a domineering elder sister

The director probably thinks that if the beauty filter reaches level 10, the audience will not see her age and will not feel against it.

So, in the meeting with Yu Jin, the director once again arranged for Carina Lau to play the role of student sister.

Its hard for Carina Lau to pretend to be lively and charming

Gu manlus character is proud and sad, strong in appearance but fragile in heart. All her sharp points are paper tigers, and all hysteria reveals helplessness.

In terms of seduction and vulnerability, Jiang Qinqin, the 2002 edition of half life fate, is undoubtedly the most successful man Lu.

This beauty, said that it is the flower queen who is persuasive.

In the later period, Gu manlu was blackened and helped Zhu Hongcai rape his sister. Her madness and despair of life were also properly handled.

It is through half life fate that Jiang Qinqin reversed peoples impression that she could only play pure beauty in the past, and formally entered the ranks of the powerful school.

However, the temperament of Carina Lau is like a big sister of Shanghai beach.

Talking to your mother is like listening to your subordinates.

Zhu Hongcai is a little brother in front of her.

If she feels uncomfortable, she can abandon Zhu Hongcai and throw it to the Huangpu River to feed the fish.

Not only Carina Lau, but also the other actors and actresses in the play, hardly any of them have passed the standard.

Guo Xiaodong plays Zhu Hongcai in order to challenge his acting skills.

But he was so good that he had to shave back the hairline, grow a beard, and then stoop.

Because he was not careful and serious, his decent and warm man strength came out again.

Another reason why Guo Xiaodong is as obscene as possible is that he has to be uglier than male No. 3, Zhang Yujin, man Lus first love.

In the original work, Yu Jin and man Lu are childhood sweethearts, which she never forget.

However, the actor Zhang Yujin selected by deep love is like this.

Big head, thick neck, not big money, but... Doctor?

The scene of Yu Jin and man Lu looking at each other across the tram is supposed to be broken and romantic, but it seems to be a dating picture of the middle-aged and elderly in the park.

Even Shen Shijun, who is played by Zheng Yuanchang, has become shriveled and indifferent.

Childhood idol drama God, ah, filter broken all over the ground.

Shuhui, Shen Shijuns good friend in the original work, is a very white and elegant boy. He is warm and upright and has good popularity. He should have been the most beautiful male character in the whole play.

However, Shuhuis personal design is changed into a sharp point deliberately creating contradictions in the novel.

Compared with the film version of Huang Lei Liming and Wu Qianlian, standing together can automatically bring in their identities: two childe brothers with good family education and an intellectual woman in the Republic of China period.

Of course, the biggest flaw in the selection of people in love is that the sisters Carina Lau and Jiang Xin are not like each other at all.

The father of Shen Shijun, the hero in the original work, once mistook Manzhen for manlu, a dancer he wanted to support. Therefore, he tried every means to block the love between his son and Manzhen, which indirectly led to the destruction of the relationship.

Yu Jin, manlus first lover, also regards her sister Manzhens profile as her sisters surrogate and pursues her.

This is the last straw to drive manu crazy.

It can be said that if the two sisters do not look like each other, the story of banshengyuan will be another ending.

After the legend of Zhen Huan and Ode to joy have accumulated fame, Jiang Xin, who has never played female No.1, needs a female lead play to prove herself in order to seek a breakthrough in her career.

In fact, Jiang Xin would be more suitable to play Gu manlu. Fan shengmei was also hurt by her native family, while Hua Fei was the representative of Mei Yan and capricious. She had already been five points like Gu manlu.

Find another small flower with round face and round eyes to perform Manzhen. The effect will not be worse than it is now.

But she must play Manzhen.

Zhen means hard wood, which refers to the stubborn and tough part of the characters character.

The more pitiful her appearance, the more she could reflect the contrast.

It can be seen that Jiang Xin tried her best to speak with a sharp voice and look as ignorant as possible, but this Emmmm is not very delicate.

In order to highlight the purity of Manzhen, the crew selected many bright colors of knitwear and woolen coat for her, but exposed the defects of Jiang Xins upper body.

Some netizens jokingly said that the two sisters of Gu family could dominate the Shanghai beach.

Under the current situation of shuangju, if you really change to manlu to resist Zhu Hongcai and do business together with her sister Manzhen, maybe you can attract a wave of fans.

It can be said that each role has not found a suitable actor for TA, which is a chain reaction.

In order to match the appearance of Carina Lau, she chose Jiang Xin, who was only a little younger than her, and chose an older man As a result, the whole film has an atmosphere of middle-aged Qiongyao opera.


Dubbing, editing chaos

To highlight the acting skills, all actors are original performers.

Carina Lau is Hong Kong Putonghua, Zheng Yuanchang is a Taiwanese accent, Jiang Xin speaks three sentences with a Shanghai dialect, and Guo Xiaodong is Putonghua with a Shandong accent. Brothers and sisters from all over the world gathered together.

Unfortunately, I dont know whether it is for the sake of the trial or the later stage that the plot has been cut to pieces.

Liu Wei plays the president, and Zhu Hongcai is his subordinate.

In the third episode, Gu manlu witnessed the scene of the presidents killing and wanted to run away with his family.

Unexpectedly, the president sent a hand down to her house to arrest people. Seeing Shi Manzhen sacrificing himself, he covered manlu to run first.

As a result, she ate a bowl of wonton in the street and went home again.

What was the point of your escape?

Then, Zhu Hongcai burst in to take manlu.

Manlu refused, and Zhu Hongcai said, then you can give me something to hand over.

Manzhen rushed to me immediately: I know what you want, what you want is in my place.

Whats that? Why do you all know, only the audience dont know?!

Next, Zhu Hongcai took Manzhen to her unit and began to rummage through the boxes to find the thing. In the end, he didnt tell the audience what it was.

Nearly 10 minutes of plot, bullet screen are all cant understand, inexplicable, feel missed 100 million plot..

I guess the writer wants to express Manzhens feelings for her sister and buy time for her sister to escape.

Its just that the technique of expression is too poor, and all of us are mentally retarded.

As the beginning of a play, even the basic questions such as what the characters are doing and why they are doing it are not clear. No wonder the audience is impatient to watch it.

To be fair, several leading actors are considered to be powerful actors. They have been shining in different film and television works.

In addition to the hot eyes, Carina Lau and Jiang Xin are trying to integrate into the half life world.

If it is an original work, the audience will treat it more leniently.

But it is backed by the fame of Eileen Chang and half life fate. Anita Mui and Jiang Qinqin are in front of it. We cant help asking, do the audience really need to see the brand-new half life fate?

Is a remake necessary?

Perhaps the dismal click through rate and rating have given the answer.

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