Zhao Benshans daughter was scolded for showing off her wealth and accepting black powder: my familys condition is to be able to get used to me

 Zhao Benshans daughter was scolded for showing off her wealth and accepting black powder: my familys condition is to be able to get used to me

Netease Entertainment reported on November 24 that recently, Zhao Benshans daughter ball ball was scolded by black powder for showing off her rich and pretentious during the live broadcast. To this, she immediately gave a strong reply: my familys condition is that I can get used to it..

On that day, the ball was wearing an orange jacket and his hair was completely tied up. Exposed a large forehead and high hairline, hair appears slightly sparse.

During the live broadcast, some black powder accused the ball of showing off and affectation, saying that they were habitual faults. However, the ball, which has always been tough, immediately replied: I can say that, my family is accustomed to the conditions, I am also normal, unlike you, I do not know how to get used to it for the black powder attack can be said to be merciless.

Ball says Zhao Benshan wants to make himself realize that its not easy to make money. Although having a father, which everyone knows, does bring him a lot of convenient conditions, but his father hopes that his efforts, including his own investment in the company, are his own investment. His father just wants the body to realize the loss of money when he invests in himself. Finally the ball advised black powder: since you are not as good as me, I hope you dont envy, envy is OK, but your mouth is clean.

In addition to make complaints about the rich, there are still some friends in the live broadcast, who feel like she has plastic surgery again, and accidentally bumped into Li Xiaolu.

From the shot before the ball, we can see that her nose is not so round and fleshy. In the film of ball catching, the nose of the ball is also a kind of pointed, rather than so round.

Before, ball ball and brother Zhao Yinan (cattle) live broadcast, said their nose is done, but also revealed their nose value 300000.

It has to be said that Zhao Benshans daughter is still very magnanimous. She freely admits that she has plastic surgery and doesnt care about other peoples opinions. I believe that if she had plastic surgery again, she would be frank with you.

Previously reported

Zhao Benshans daughter refutes the rumor that the whole family emigrated and disclosed that they made millions when they were in high school

Netease Entertainment reported on October 22 that recently, Zhao Benshans daughters ball ball was broadcast live. She revealed that she had made millions in high school, and admitted that at that time, she felt that she could not spend all her life, and that she did not consider cars and houses.

He also disclosed his pocket money when he went to school. When he was a junior high school student in Singapore, his daily allowance was only 3.5 Singapore dollars (about 17 yuan), while his brother had 5 Singapore dollars (about 24 yuan) because he wanted to play basketball more than himself. The ball cant help but Tucao mother make complaints about it.

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Zhao Benshans daughter refutes the rumor that the whole family immigrates, claiming that the registered permanent residence belongs to Shenyang. She claims that she has made millions in high school

It is reported that there are no other expenses when ball is in junior high school. It is basically a pick-up from my mother. It is understandable that the pocket money is small. Ball also means that after high school, pocket money has risen to 2000, and senior two and three began to earn their own money.

Before that, there were a lot of rumors on the Internet about Zhao Benshans family emigrating to Canada or Singapore. Therefore, some netizens asked where the ball balls registered permanent residence was in the live broadcasting room. Qiu Qiu said frankly that he was still in his hometown, and my account is from Shenyang, which dispelled the rumors of immigration.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251

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