Ditch! 51 year old Tao zhe takes his wife to see the house

 Ditch! 51 year old Tao zhe takes his wife to see the house

On that day, Tao zhe was wearing a black half sleeve and a baseball cap of the same color. But even in black, its hard to hide the fact that hes fat. From the exposed pictures, you can see that the 51 year old Tao Zhe is out of shape and has a big belly.

His wife, however, was still online after giving birth to a son. She wore black shorts and showed her long white legs.

When they went together, Tao Zhes white hair was eye-catching. He was in worse shape than his wife.

It is revealed that the house the couple shared is a luxury house worth NT $360 million (about 83 million RMB). It is reported that the 51 year old Tao zhe has already been worth more than one billion Taiwan dollars (about 230 million yuan) and has three real estate properties and several luxury cars. Tao also intends to add a luxury house. As early as September this year, his wife penny was photographed by the media to go out to see a new house with his best friend. It is suspected that he would like to buy a real estate. However, Penny once denied the news about the house and said he would accompany her to see it Room. Now, the couple really have the idea of buying a house.

Talking about Tao Zhe and Jiang Peirong, people cant help but think of the PPT incident.

Five years ago, netizens exposed hundreds of screenshots and audio recordings of Yang Ziqing and Tao Zhe. Then Tao zhe held a press conference and made it into a PPT form. I didnt know it was a product launch. He admitted to cheating in marriage and denounced Yang Ziqing for cutting content.

In fact, after this, Tao zhe didnt manage his private life well. He had a constant affair with hot girls, and he often played the trick of throwing off the pot. But surprisingly, every time Tao zhe has such a thing, his wife Jiang Peirong always supports her husband.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251