Curry: I couldnt help crying when I heard that clay was injured. He worked so hard

 Curry: I couldnt help crying when I heard that clay was injured. He worked so hard

At the beginning, Tang Shen was exposed to right leg injury and was unable to bear weight. Later, he received MRI examination and confirmed that his right Achilles tendon was torn, which was reimbursed in advance in the new season.

After Tomson was injured, warriors general manager Mayes and team coach Steve Cole called curry to inform him of the injury.

He was the best score in the league, curry said. It was a big blow to me to get a call like that, and I shed a lot of tears. You didnt even know what to say because he had two serious injuries. In the end, we can only support him unconditionally. I hope he can keep in touch with us in the process of rehabilitation

He can come back strong. He loves the game and he will try his best to get back on the field and get back to his former state. Its also our hope and we all believe that he can do it. For anyone, two and a half years of rehabilitation is a tough thing

Since 2011, curry and Tomson have become team-mates. They are called water brothers, helping warriors win three championships.

Despite the lack of Tom, curry believes the warriors will still be strong. At the beginning, there will be difficulties. We have been waiting for him to come back. Now we still cant see him on the court. This feeling is very strange. But we did well in the off-season (with Wiseman in the draft and ublay in the trade), we were able to overcome the difficulties and it took everyone to put in

We believe we can compete with any team in the league. Dont get me wrong. We all know how great clay is. But weve heard enough of those doubts, such as warriors are dead again, and the new season is in vain. What should we do in the future? However, we are thinking about the present. We know the Lakers are defending champions, we have to beat them, we are ready