Is Fang Yuan OK? Guo Fucheng still manages his property to his agent after his marriage

 Is Fang Yuan OK? Guo Fucheng still manages his property to his agent after his marriage

On the day of the event, king of heaven Guo Fucheng wore a gray suit with a big back and a good texture. The whole shape was very stylish and fashionable.

As a spokesperson for a bank, Guo Fucheng also said that he and his wife attached great importance to education fund and medical treatment, especially for his daughter. One of them was asked: is the financial power of the family handed over to his wife? Instead of evading, Guo Fu Cheng responded with ease: the company has an accountant, and Xiaomei, a broker, is in charge of all affairs, saying that the number has always been good..

As for his wife Fang Yuans attitude towards property rights, Guo Fucheng did not mention it in the event.

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Height difference! Net friend encounters Guo Fucheng and his wife strolling sweetly

Netease Entertainment reported on November 20, on November 20, some netizens exposed photos of shopping in Fangyuan shopping mall of guofucheng on the social platform. In the photo, the couple are very affectionate, and their wife Fang Yuan turns into Guo Fuchengs humanoid pendant. They stand almost tall together.

In the photo, Guo Fucheng is dressed in a black T-shirt with tight pants and a cap, which is quite low-key, while Fang Yuan is wearing a small bag concave shape. Even if she is a mother of two children, she still has an enviable ant ant waist and long legs.

They went shopping together after dinner. Fang Yuan, who goes shopping with her husband, turns into a human pendant, holding her husband Guo Fuchengs arm sweetly. The couple walking side by side are like lovers in love, and passers-by cast envious eyes one after another.

Guo Fucheng, the king of heaven in family life, dotes on his wife and two daughters. He is a real good husband and father.

Not long ago, on the occasion of Guo Fuchengs 55th birthday, he took a picture of his family happiness. In the photo, 55 year old Guo Fucheng is not old at all. He is hugged and kissed by his wife Fangyuan and his two daughters. The picture of his family together is very sweet, warm and full of happiness.

At 23:59 on the 26th, her wife Fang Yuan also sent her best wishes to her husband. She wrote: Happy Birthday to my husband. she also showed a close photo with Guo Fucheng. They were very sweet.