Ren Hao drinks all night suspected of alcohol allergy and talks with his brother closely

 Ren Hao drinks all night suspected of alcohol allergy and talks with his brother closely

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Ren Hao drinks all night suspected of alcohol allergy and whispers with his brother

Houchang village reported on November 24 that Ren Hao and his friends were having a dinner and drinking in Hengdian recently. There were many bottles of beer on the table. Ren Hao was a bit too drunk to drink. His face turned red after drinking. He might have been allergic to alcohol depending on his skin condition. He was also dizzy when talking to his friends.

When he was about to leave at 4:00 in the morning, he put down his bottle of wine, put on his black down jacket, exchanged greetings and hugs with his friends, gestured and spoke to his brother passionately. His brother was also dizzy. Finally, the two faces were close to each other and whispered to each other. Then Ren Hao put his arm around his brothers shoulder to comfort him.

After settling the account at the cash register, Ren Hao, with a smile on his face, happily hugged his brothers shoulder and went to the street. Ren Haos good brother couldnt stand and nearly fell down. Ren Hao saw a man holding his brother, and his assistant helped Ren Hao zip up his down jacket. Ren Hao tidied up his clothes. Before leaving, he looked worried about his brother and explained a few words about getting on the bus and returning to the hotel.

Seeing that Ren Hao is so inept at drinking, he seems to be allergic to alcohol. The friendship of the small society suggests that for the sake of health, it is better for Ren Hao brothers to drink less!

Prior to this, Ren Haos split up incident has caused a lot of attention and heated discussion. Actress Zhao Mengjie revealed that she was together with Ren Hao in 2016 and broke up in the spring of 2020. During the love, she introduced her own resources to her husband, knowing that the man wanted to be an idol, so she kept hiding her girlfriends identity. After the mans debut, her popularity soared, and long-distance love, the pressure of the brokerage company and the voice of the outside world hindered the two. In the end, because the man lied to her repeatedly and avoided their problems, the two broke up.

After the incident was exposed, a red video was released to reveal Ren Hao split his legs. He has been dating Ren Hao in mid January, watching movies and playing secret rooms to escape. During the communication, the man kept his girlfriend secret, and also used the fake name Li Tianqi, and the man lost his connection during the epidemic.

After that, Ren Hao was stopped all personal and group activities for 60 days by the brokerage company.

Source: Houchang village, responsible editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251