Li Xiaolu fearless underwater photography

 Li Xiaolu fearless underwater photography

Netease Entertainment reported on November 24, Li Xiaolu shared a video on the social platform on November 24, revealing the behind the scenes story of her shooting the MV the whale falls..

Before shooting the MV, Li Xiaolu recorded songs late into the night. She was hoarse, but she still insisted on discussing the details of the MV shooting and was praised for her dedication.

During the shooting of the MV, Li Xiaolu mentioned that she had filmed here when she was a child, but her attitude towards returning to her hometown was quite different.

When shooting underwater scenes, Li Xiaolu confessed that he was afraid and suffocated when he thought about shooting underwater scenes. But in order to show good results, she is still very hard, very dedicated.

Before going into the water, her daughter Tianxin also encouraged her. During the video chat between her mother and daughter, she said a lot of warm care at the end of the video, encouraging her mother to let Li Xiaolu into work immediately.

After the infidelity, Li Xiaolu has been looking for the opportunity to return, but there is no platform and film side dare to take the first step.

Since the hair setting incident, her work has been completely suspended. Although she continues to maintain the discussion heat by selling goods through live broadcast, it is difficult for her to return. However, she has always adhered to the dream in her heart, constantly made new songs and made MV, ignoring the cold words of others.

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Sure enough, I still love hip-hop! Li Xiaolu becomes a new singer

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Li Xiaolus new song (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 11 that Li Xiaolus new song pose went online today. Li Xiaolu released the MV of the new song on her microblog. In the MV, she dressed up very much like a girl, and her appearance was as good as that of a girls love bean. In her new works, she not only shows her outstanding singing and dancing skills, but also sings rap, which is amazing.

Netizens said in the comment area that its a pity not to love beans, its like a girls group. Some netizens joked: rap is good, someone has taught well, how can we praise her now? Does the Internet have no memory?

Li Xiaolu has always been very fond of singing and dancing. She often publishes her dancing videos on social platforms. Before that, she was nicknamed by netizens as the girl who was delayed in acting.

Li Xiaolu sends Tianxin to rehearse for a photo of her mother and daughter with a smile like copy and paste pgone says she wants to commit suicide_ NBJS12251