Wang Hai, who beat tens of millions of income, has been quick to attack Kwai brother.

 Wang Hai, who beat tens of millions of income, has been quick to attack Kwai brother.

Someone bought it home and found that, hey, how come its all sugar water?!

As soon as someone questioned, Simba PA stood up and quickly opened the live broadcast to respond.

And then warn those rumors of black powder, blue V, even if he lost his fortune also want to sue them for slander, finally did not forget to put a cruel word, said to accompany to the end.

This magnanimous attitude, coupled with the birds nest itself is relatively special: in the eyes of many people, this Swiftlets saliva is equivalent to IQ tax.

Good guy, for a while, you dont know who to trust. Simbas evidence is complete and aggressive. It seems that there is no problem. Is he really attacked maliciously?

First, the birds nest does not contain any protein at all, and then points out that the cost of the product is less than a dollar, Simbas fans have been cut leeks.

Then he went all out to check the beauty makeup, Bentley mooncakes and anti halitosis toothpaste sold by Simba.

Interestingly, under these microblogs, netizens have been quarreling with each other.

However, some people questioned Wang Hais motives for cracking down on counterfeiting, and also turned out his black history of extortion.

Because Im afraid that in the fight against counterfeiting, everyone has to call Wang Hai a leader.

At the beginning of this period, the first person in China to crack down on counterfeit goods only saw the refund one compensation for one clause in the consumer protection law of 1994 in the bookstore. He thought, if the protection of rights is successful, I can make some money, if not, I will keep it for myself.

So decisively in a building in Beijing, bought two pairs of fake Sony headphones, a pair of 85 yuan.

Results the Consumer Association industry and Commerce played leather ball, and the manufacturer put forward various quality inspection requirements. He not only made money, but also lost. He went back and bought ten more headphones, and it was easier to return to the original with the right to protect his rights. Finally, he waited for the compensation he deserved.

In this way, in 1995, 22-year-old Wang Hai started his anti-counterfeiting life through 12 sets of fake Sony earphones. After his story was reported, he could earn more than 8000 yuan a week by cracking down on counterfeit goods.

In that year, it became the first year of professional anti-counterfeiters. They made Nike withdraw different publicity pages at home and abroad.

He helped naobaijin company to remove the counterfeit goods in the shopping malls in Shanghai.

Wang Hai people all over the country have taken action, relying on several victorious wars, these professional anti-counterfeiting people killed a bloodline of Chinas anti-counterfeiting.

Those who try to exploit the loopholes can only scurry, because even if they escape the legal sanctions, it is difficult to escape these wangjiajun.

They, who once led justice, have helped countless consumers and made more people feel comfortable shopping.

However, over time, these peoples behavior has changed. Wang Hai earned a pot full bowl full, crack down on counterfeit has gradually become a wild wealth password.

Perhaps in order to increase the popularity to a greater extent, Wang Hai sued six walnuts for false publicity, because the advertisement said that the six walnuts had brain tonic effect.

But Wang Hai bought two bottles to drink, said six walnuts did not have any brain tonic effect. Chen lunian is also a fake in the platform.

Later, the anti-counterfeiting methods became more and more unreasonable. Some people questioned the other party because of the slogan choose 20 years of oak to make it carefully, and asked the other party, how can you prove that this oak has been used for 20 years? In order to get compensation.

This not only does not help consumers, so touching porcelain is really speechless...

Whats more, some people beat counterfeits, and they all crossed the bottom line of the law and began to blackmail and blackmail. Grasp a little bit of small problems, ask the store to pay, or it will not withdraw the lawsuit.

Without the banner of justice, they have become black eating black as the merchants who pursue profits.

At the same time, the consumer market has gradually become more formal.

With the gradual improvement of the law on the protection of consumers rights and interests, the number of fake goods is on the decline; major e-commerce platforms have launched seven day return without reason, and consumers dare to buy with confidence.

At this time, people seem to no longer need professional anti-counterfeiting teachers from all levels.

The tiktok of ten million fans is questioned about live selling fake products.

Liu Ergou, who is fast approaching nearly twenty million fans, sells Kwai 1800g toilet paper, and fans only receive 500g after receiving them.

Many fans are eager to place an order for the anchors recommendation passion. However, if there is a problem with the product, the anchor will no longer reply.

In the statement issued by Simba team, it was also clearly stated that Simbas strict selection did not involve procurement and sales behavior. If consumers have any problems, they still have to go to the tmall store to feed back the problems. At most, they can only urge the merchants to do a good job of after-sales.

Maybe there is no problem with the birds nest this time, but it is possible that in other live broadcasting rooms, there will be problems with other products. Wang Hais comeback this time, may also be able to purify the live market to a certain extent.

As a matter of fact, Wang Hai is more like a mirror.

If consumers are in urgent need of them, the shopping environment is indeed not optimistic; and once they are regarded as a matter of bone in the egg, it shows that businesses are reliable enough and consumers are easy enough to protect their rights.

After all, only when Gotham is in chaos will people look forward to Batman, who scares criminals. Otherwise, Batman is just a criminal who loves fighting. Today, people think of the hunters who fought against counterfeiting again. Does that mean that there are many problems in the live broadcast with goods seriously flooded? This article starts with the rule of law news source: Wang haiqun_ NB12679

After all, only when Gotham is in chaos will people look forward to Batman, who scares criminals.

Otherwise, Batman is just a criminal who loves fighting.

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