Hu Xijin: we are the best in the world in helping the poor on a large scale

 Hu Xijin: we are the best in the world in helping the poor on a large scale

I think it is inevitable that there will be flaws in the implementation of this work. Some people who have been lifted out of poverty may return to poverty in the future. However, this large-scale battle against poverty must be the first in human history. I sincerely hope that its humanitarian light will last forever in the world. It will encourage Chinese society to make continuous progress on the road of promoting fairness and justice, and help people at the bottom of the society to muster up courage and constantly strive for improvement in their lives.

There will always be relatively poor people in China, but Chinas national morality does not allow them to be abandoned, which is the long-term foundation of Chinas social fairness and justice. Once the social gap between the rich and the poor tends to widen, our public opinion will soon give an alarm, and the publics unacceptable attitude will turn into a huge force. This is China. Chinas cities will also have poor conditions of urban-rural fringe, but they are temporary, and continue to become the content of urban governance. Chinas big cities will never be divided into rich areas and slums, and all kinds of social gaps can not be morally tacit in China and handed down from generation to generation. We will never become a country that clamors for human rights and justice, but actually endows them to one part of the society and leaves others out of it.

How to realize social equity, especially how to practice fairness and justice when wealth is not enough, is a process of exploration. China may not be perfect, but I want to say to my friends that this country is really working hard and sincere for this goal. We are certainly one of the best in the world to help the poor on a large scale.

Source: Hu Xijins microblog

Source: Global Times - global network editor: Chen Hequn_ NB12679