Hackers can drive Tesla car for 3 minutes

 Hackers can drive Tesla car for 3 minutes

Micro blog of Xiaopeng auto CEO

You cant beat any competitor by spreading rumors

On November 21, he Xiaopeng, chairman of the board of Xiaopeng automobile, made a microblog, which caused heated discussion. It seems that the next generation autopilot architecture of Xiaopeng, which includes lidar, was released yesterday, which made someone in the west very upset and used Pigu continuously to make sound. What I want to say is that rumor has long proved impossible to defeat any competitor. Starting from next year, in Chinas automatic driving, you should be prepared to be beaten by us and unable to find the East. As for the international, we will meet.

He Xiaopengs Micro blog is suspected to respond to comments made by Tesla CEO Musk on Xiaopeng. Netizens believe that he Xiaopengs so-called someone in the west refers to musk.

Previously, musk tweeted

Suspected accusation of plagiarism

Originally, on November 20, Xiaopeng automobile issued a statement at the Guangzhou auto show, saying that Xiaopeng automobile will upgrade its automatic driving software and hardware system from the models produced in 2021, and use laser radar technology to improve performance. The company said the vehicles object recognition performance will be greatly enhanced.

They have Teslas old software, not our latest neural network computer, Musk said on twitter

And musk also answered a netizens question about whether Xiaopeng car copied Teslas old code. Yes, they also stole Apples code..

The stage of mutual connection

There is a long history of resentment on both sides

As a matter of fact, Xiaopeng and Tesla have long been married.

In March 2019, Tesla sued Xiaopeng automobile for plagiarizing the code of autopilot, and sued Cao Guangzhi, who was a senior engineer of Tesla and later became the perception director of Xiaopeng automobile. According to foreign media reports, former Tesla engineer Cao Guangzhi admitted in a court document this week that he would upload a zip file containing the autopilot source code to his icloud account in late 2018, while he was still working for the company. But in the same document, Cao denied stealing Teslas sensitive information. His legal team argued that he made an effort to delete any such Tesla documents before leaving Tesla..

In response, Xiaopeng pointed out in a statement that all the attempts made by Tesla showed obvious bullying behavior against a young competitor. We firmly believe that groundless accusation will not slow down the script of independent research and development of Xiaopeng automobile, and Xiaopeng automobile will continue to actively promote the popularization and evolution of intelligent vehicles under the integration of professional and technical personnel in various fields, Xiaopeng automobile said in the statement.

According to the securities times, by December 2019, cleantechnica published an article entitled independent research and development of automatic driving technology of Xiaopeng automobile, keeping its low price. Musk commented in a sarcastic tone, independent research and development, and attached two smiling and crying expressions. Less than an hour later, in a reply to a netizen, musk said, Xiaopengs autopilot software is really our inspiration, but this is an old version of Tesla software, so the effect is limited..

Good performance in the third quarter

On November 12, Xiaopeng automobile (NYSE: xpev) released its unaudited financial data for the third quarter of fiscal year 2020.

The gross profit margin of the company in the third quarter of 2020 is 4.6%, which is - 10.1% and - 2.7% respectively in the same period of last year and the second quarter of 2020. As of September 30, 2020, the company has cash, cash equivalents, restricted funds and short-term investments totaling RMB 19.998 billion (US $2.945 billion).

Share price up 12%

Set a new record since listing

On August 27, Xiaopeng auto was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the stock code of xpev and the issue price was US $15 per share.

Up to now, the stock price of Xiaopeng automobile has risen more than 3.5 times. On November 20, Xiaopeng automobile closed at $53.89, up 12.01%, a new high since its listing.

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