How sweet! 07 quick Man Land Rover open love with his girlfriend

 How sweet! 07 quick Man Land Rover open love with his girlfriend

Netease Entertainment reported on November 24, 2007 happy male voice player and voice of snow falling singer Lu Hu published an article about his love affair with violinist Chen luoxu. He said that he could not see the beloved girl during the epidemic, so he decided to write all his thanks, sadness and missing into music, and decided to let the violin girl I love play..

Two peoples Micro blog also used the couples Avatar, very sweet.

The following is the full text of Land Rover:

As early as in the most serious period of the epidemic, I couldnt see the girl I love, that was the longest time we didnt see each other! Every day I wonder when I can see her, when I can watch the sunrise with her, eat breakfast, and live the life we are used to.

Until one day I saw a picture in the news, a doctor pushing a patient to see the sun, I was shocked! The accumulated emotion was stimulated and opened in that moment! Think of this year there are too many people to face parting, too many people in order to protect us and not see their loved ones and families, even lost their lives! They must miss the people they care about as much as I do. On the gibberish of writing and the above account of the same words, collated into the lyrics Xu.. Finally, I feel that what kind of words can not express those feelings, which is flimsy and pretentious! I decided to write all my thanks, sadness and missing into this song

I also decided to let the violin girl I love play the song Xu

This song is dedicated to all our compatriots who have experienced that time together, but also dedicated to protecting us to spend every ordinary day, so that we can quietly watch the sunrise of the new day and eat breakfast! You are my sun, guarding our lives! Guard my love!

Land Rover was born in 1986. In 2004, he took part in the talent show Star Academy of Hunan TV, and won the fourth place in the national finals, thus officially entering the performing arts circle. In 2005, he participated in Hunan Satellite TV host selection program shining new anchor, and won the top ten national finals. In 2007, he participated in Hunan Satellite TV talent show happy man, and won the 13th place in the national finals.

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Chen Weixu (source: Netease Entertainment)

He graduated from the Central Academy of music.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395