Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong go to a gourmet restaurant at night, dress up low-key and love each other

 Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong go to a gourmet restaurant at night, dress up low-key and love each other

Netease Entertainment reported on November 24 that recently, some media photographed Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong going shopping together for a date. On that day, Liu Shishi was wearing a hat, a mask, a jacket and wide leg pants, which made him look very comfortable and casual.

In the picture, after the couple arrived at the shopping mall, they came to the place where the food was sold. Liu Shishi was very interested in the food and kept staring at the food, while Wu Qilong was standing beside him patiently. They were extremely loving and envious of others.

Prior to this, on November 8, a netizen ran into Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi, who were shopping with their son step by step. A family of three, the picture is warm.

In the photos released by netizens, we can see that both husband and wife are very low-key. Wearing a long black coat and a hat of the same color, Liu stood upright in front of the counter of the coffee shop, waiting for the meal. Wu Qilong is responsible for holding his son. He is wearing camouflage vest. He is holding his son who is more than one year old. He may be waiting for poetry. In order to protect the children, the netizen only released a single photo of Liu Shishi, and the other photo of Wu Qilong holding his son is a screenshot. The picture is small and cant see the childs face clearly, but he can still see the picture of Longge holding the child.

Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong got married in 2015. They have been enjoying the world of two since their marriage, which has been prompted by the outside world for several years. It was not until 2018 that Shishi announced the good news of her pregnancy and gave birth to her son step by step in April 2019.

It is reported that Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi met due to the shooting of step by step, which not only promoted their career to the peak, but also brought them marriage.

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Who is important to Liu Shishi and his son step by step? Wu Qilongs reply shows high EQ

Wu Qilong answers the important question of Liu Shishi and his son

According to Taiwan media reports on June 16, Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi gave birth to a son in April last year. Wu Qilong, who was promoted to be a father, recently appeared in the wonderful little forest to show his parenting skills. In the program, Wu Qilong was asked by Zheng Shuang about will he still have a baby and who is the most important wife and child? Wu also responded generously.

Nicky Wu has adorable 6 children, including the children of Zheng Shuang, Zhang Xincheng and Tan Songyun. Nicky Wu has the final say that he is the only child married. He also asked Zheng Shuang to ask if he would have a second child.

When they got together to chat, Zheng Shuang was curious about the origin of Wu Qilongs sons nickname step by step. Wu said that it was because of the couples love story step by step. On the other hand, he hoped that his son could live and grow step by step.

Zheng Shuang then asked Wu Qilong, who do you think is the most important wife and child? Let Tan songyun on one side call out: this is to send a proposition, but Wu Qilong said with an air of self: no matter who is important, he will be more important than himself, because they all need to be protected. Super warm heart answer was praised by netizens.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395