Drunk! Eight years ago, this bowl of wine let the company two consecutive limit?

 Drunk! Eight years ago, this bowl of wine let the company two consecutive limit?

Under careful study, it is not difficult to find that under the background of the liquor industry plate being pursued by the capital market, some investors have turned over a sum of investment in liquor enterprise Liu Lingzui eight years ago.

On November 12, Juli rigging answered questions from investors

According to the retrospective announcement, Juli rigging announced on December 18, 2012 that the company will participate in liulingzui Liquor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as liulingzui) with its own capital of 80 million yuan through capital increase and share expansion. After the completion of the transaction, the company will hold 27.59% of Liu Lingzuis shares (after that, Liu Lingzuis share repurchase and other actions led to the latest shareholding ratio of Juli rigging was 22.15%), becoming the second largest shareholder of Liu Lingzui.

The controlling shareholder of Juli rigging, Juli Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Juli group) is the controlling shareholder of Liu Lingzui. Before the market had expected, Juli group intended to inject Liu Lingzui into the listed company, or to IPO Liu Lingzui alone.

Proportion of shares held by Juli rigging in liulingzui source: annual report of Juli rigging in 2019

Liu Lingzuis liquor belongs to Luzhou flavor type and has a certain popularity in Hebei Province. The brand was founded in 1126 in the Jin and Yuan Dynasties. It has been making wine for nearly a thousand years. It is one of the earliest birthplaces of distilled liquor in China. It is a key cultural relic protection unit in China, and has been selected into the preparation list of Chinas world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

From the historical source, Liu Lingzui comes from Liu Ling, one of the Seven Sages in the bamboo grove. Liu Lingzui strictly adopts the traditional old five steamer technology, through mud pit old cellar, solid state, low temperature, long-term fermentation, slow fire distillation, quantity and quality wine picking, graded storage, and careful brewing. It has won the first batch of Chinese food cultural heritage and the first batch of Chinese time-honored brand.

Liu Lingzui tmall flagship store hot sale zone part of the product price

Inquiry shows that Liu Lingzui has a lot to do with Yang Zi, husband of movie star Huang Shengyi.

Yang Zi and Huang Shengyi participated in the shooting of Liu Lingzuis promotional film and implanted relevant films and TV dramas source: the companys official website

In December 2010, Juli Group acquired 100% equity of Hebei liulingzui Brewing Co., Ltd. In December 2011, Juli group established Liu Lingzui on its own land (191856.82 square meters), and authorized Liu Lingzui to use the land for free.

Juli group is controlled by Yangzi brothers.

Yangzi holds 17% of Juli groups shares directly source: tianyancha

After being acquired by Juli group, Liu Lingzui performed well. According to the data disclosed by Juli rigging on December 18, 2012, the operating income of Liu Lingzui in the first 11 months of 2012 was 202 million yuan, and the net profit was 28.2669 million yuan.

However, since the establishment of Liu Lingzui at the end of 2011, the financing stage is still round a. At the same time, from the companys personnel point of view, the scale is not large. According to the latest data from Tianyan survey, Liu Lingzui has a registered capital of 402 million yuan and a paid in capital of 200 million yuan. The number of employees ranges from 100 to 499 and the number of insured persons is 221.

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