Go or stay: open and answer multiple choice questions of Innovation future fund

 Go or stay: open and answer multiple choice questions of Innovation future fund

Different attitudes of holders

On November 20, five innovative future funds under e fund, huitianfu fund, China Europe Fund, Huaxia Fund and Penghua Fund announced on the same day the addition of share B and the revision of fund contract and prospectus.

Taking e fund innovation future as an example, the announcement shows that the fund will increase class B fund shares within the specified period, and the existing fund units subscribed and held by investors are class C fund shares. Within the period specified by the fund manager, the fund unit holders are allowed to apply for the fund units transferred from class C and automatically redeemed as class B fund units.

The specific time of the designated period is from 0:00 on November 23, 2020 to 15:00, December 22, 2020, and fund unitholders may file relevant applications during the specified period. After the expiration of the specified period, the fund will no longer accept the application for conversion to class B fund units, the class B fund units will be cancelled, and the fund unit holders who do not choose to withdraw will continue to hold the original shares.

On November 23, the innovation funds future window was opened as scheduled. However, faced with the choice of exit, the attitude of investors is not consistent.

In Alipay fortune fund company, China Securities Journal reporter saw many netizens asking questions in the comments area: is it really left or gone? Some netizens said that they didnt want to quit and chose to hold firmly: since you choose to believe, you should continue to hold it. optimistic about the future, a good fund manager is the foundation of fund selection, which is the choice of many investors. But there are also some netizens who are determined and if you want to buy something here, you should refund the whole amount here.

Fancy persuading rational operation

The window of whether to go or not to stay has been opened. Fund companies have used 18 kinds of martial arts to persuade fund holders to operate rationally through live broadcast. The positions they chose were the main battleground of Alipays innovation.

At the same time, Penghua Innovation future Fund released the latest operation situation express. Wang Zonghe, the fund manager, said that the market has experienced the early valuation improvement and substantial rise, and some asset valuation has been upgraded to a higher level; however, from the overall situation of the market, the funds are chasing some high-quality industries and high-quality companies with high growth. Therefore, the markets systemic risk is not in the short term The overall market is still in a relatively healthy state.

Penghua Innovation future fund suggests that the holder should operate rationally: in the exit period, the net value of the fund will be updated every trading day. If you want to withdraw, you can wait and see first and choose to get off at a high point. The time is very ample and there is no need to worry too much. For the holders, they should pay more attention to the operation of the remaining positions of the fund, which is the core part of the final income of the fund.

Zhou Keping, the fund manager of Huaxia Innovation future fund, wrote a letter to the holders. He said that if he agreed with his growth investment style and decided to continue holding, he would appreciate the trust and entrustment of the holders. Although the fund has a closed period, the door of communication is always open. Only with the greatest efforts, diligent and prudent, forge ahead, and live up to the trust of the holders. In addition, Zhou Keping also said that from the perspective of the next 6-24 months, the recent adjustment of growth plate brought about by market style switching is more confident in the future.

Tips for holders

In view of the common concerns of the holders, the reporters of China Securities Journal have also summarized and sorted out, and prepared the answers to the questions by consulting the corresponding announcements.

The answer to the question of whether the holder can partially withdraw is to input the number of shares he / she wants to withdraw from. In addition, orders can be withdrawn within the trading day of the withdrawal application (before 15:00 on the trading day). As for whether the holder can increase the position, according to the announcement, B shares are only for exit and cannot be bought. Those who want to increase the position can buy through the exchange trading after opening the OTC fund shares transfer. As for the time when the funds concerned by the holders arrive in the account, the announcement of the above funds shows that the holders submit the withdrawal application on the t day, and the relevant funds will be transferred to yuebao before 24:00 on the T + 1 day. Take the exit at 0:00 on November 23 as an example. It is expected that before 24:00 on November 24, the funds will be transferred to yuebao (the shares will be automatically sold to yuebao after the shares are converted into class B shares).

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of China Securities Journal_ NBJ9607