Coal fly color dance northward, capital 10 billion scramble to raise the market likely rate rise?

 Coal fly color dance northward, capital 10 billion scramble to raise the market likely rate rise?

Transaction volume of a shares approaches trillion again

On November 23, the turnover of Wanda was 946 billion yuan, approaching trillion yuan again. Recently, both market volume and price have risen, and investor confidence has recovered rapidly. At the same time, the current index has again touched the upper edge of the box range since mid July. The future trend remains to be seen.

Coal flying color dance, pro cyclical plate explosion

From the rise of the first coal plate, Zhengzhou coal power, Datong coal industry, Xishan coal power, Yanzhou Coal and other stocks were trading.

According to the analysis of YueKai securities, the rising logic of the coal industry in the near future mainly comes from (1) the demand side, and the vaccine is expected to help repair the global economy, which will drive the demand for upstream resource products; (2) on the supply side, the competition pattern of the coal industry is continuously optimized, and the operation efficiency and resource utilization rate have been improved; (3) the coal price in the early stage of this year is relatively low, and the valuation has a large margin of safety.

Deppon securities analyst Cai Yiwei released the research paper that at present, a shares still have good investment value, and the future structural market is expected to continue. At the same time, the uncertainty of the US general election basically fell, and the certainty of future economic recovery was strengthened. On the one hand, it improves the markets expectation of accelerating the recovery of cyclical industries; on the other hand, the tightening of monetary policy will put pressure on the stock prices of high-tech growth enterprises with early overvalued value. In November, the performance of cyclical industries is obviously better than that of other industries, and will still be the main line of the market this year. It is believed that in the short term, non-ferrous metals, real estate and financial industries can continue to be concerned, and the leading companies in various industries have long-term investment value.

The capital inflow of Beishang is 10 billion yuan

Judging from the number of days in which the net inflow of northbound capital exceeded 10 billion yuan this year, there were 15 days, including 3 days in November, and 3 days in July, the previous wave of market rally. In addition, with the same sharp rise in financial stocks, will the market trend in November replicate the one in early July?

Moreover, since the opening of the Shanghai Shenzhen Hong Kong stock connect, the number of days in which the net daily inflow of funds from the North exceeded 10 billion was only 22 days, while before the end of this year, there were 15 days when the net inflow exceeded 10 billion. And from the market trend of 5 days and 10 days after the net purchase of more than 10 billion yuan in a single day, both Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rose sharply in most of the time.

According to the details of the top 10 active stocks traded by Beishang capital on November 23, the net purchase amount of several stocks exceeded 100 million yuan, among which Guizhou Maotai was the first, with the net purchase amount of more than 1.8 billion yuan; the net purchase amount of Gree Electric appliances and China central immune Insurance Co., Ltd. exceeded 600 million yuan.

The net outflow of main capital is about 2 billion yuan

Judging from the capital flow of the industry on November 23, although the market rose, the overall net outflow was about 2 billion yuan, of which the net outflow of information technology sector was more than 7 billion yuan, ranking first; the net outflow amount of optional consumption and health care sector was also large. The financial sector had a net inflow of more than 8 billion yuan; the material sector also had a larger net inflow, while the other sectors had less capital changes.

The balance of the two financial institutions rose in shock

At the same time, the financing balance of some companies also increased rapidly. Wind statistics show that, last week, the financing balance of 40 stocks increased by more than 10%, the latest financing balance exceeded 500 million yuan, and accounted for more than 1% of the current market value. Specifically, the financing balance of Changan Automobile increased by 96.11%, ranking first; in addition, the growth rate of financing balance of Xinan shares, Shenhuo shares, Huaneng hydropower, Tongling Nonferrous Metals, Yunan Aluminum Co., Ltd., Binglun environment, otejia, AVIC heavy machinery, COSCO Haikong, Ruike laser, Dongcheng pharmaceutical, BYD and other companies increased by more than 20%.

Source: Wind Information Editor: Yang Qian_ NF4425