Lost contact of female boss: inside story of 108 buyers of Nanfeng Zen villa in Sanya

 Lost contact of female boss: inside story of 108 buyers of Nanfeng Zen villa in Sanya

Sanya Jinxia company, the developer, bypassed the supervision of the bank and the competent departments of the industry after receiving the owners housing funds, and the flow of funds has become a mystery. The political and Legal Commission of Sanya Municipal Committee has stepped in to promote the settlement of the matter.

China housing news reporter Chen Biao reports from Sanya

Sanya Nanfeng Chanshu District 108 buyers are anxious and angry, the developer female boss Wang Mou Hong suddenly lost contact, their full purchase of the house not only did not sign for record, but also was sealed up by a number of courts.

On November 12, Sanya Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development issued two major transaction risk notices, one was issued to Sanya Jinxia Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sanya Jinxia company), ordering it to suspend the pre-sale (sale) of commercial housing of Nanfeng Chanshu project; the other was to give risk warning to the majority of buyers, and to purchase Nanfeng Chanshu house with caution.

The reporter found that after the Sanya Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development issued a series of major transaction risk notices, there are still some intermediary agencies selling and selling the Nanfeng Zen villa project, marking the average price of the house source as 40000 yuan / m2. Posted in the community elevator and other prominent positions of the major transaction risk tips notice, but also by a strange man maliciously torn away, puzzling.


Sanyas worries about purchasing houses with full funds

Most of the 108 house buyers in Nanfeng Chanshu District, Sanya, are from Hunan, Henan, Beijing and Hong Kong. Now the developers are out of debt and their houses have been seized.

Yu Ailin, who works in Changsha, Hunan Province, is one of the purchasers of 108 closed houses in Nanfeng Chanshu District, Sanya.

From Hunan to Hainan, Yu Ailins experience of buying a house in Sanya is quite dramatic.

In January 2014, Yu Ailin chatted with a friend of a local bank in Changsha and casually talked about his purchase. This bank friend recommended the house of Sanya Nanfeng Zen villa project to Yu Ailin.

Wang Zhaohong, one of the main shareholders of Nanfeng Chanshu project development company, is also from Hunan Province. She has loan business with my friends unit. Yu Ailin told China real estate news that with the recommendation of his friend, he bought a 98.85 square meter house in Nanfeng Zen villa in Sanya in the name of his son.

From January 2014 to April 2016, Yu Ailin paid a total of more than 1.39 million yuan including house payment, deed tax, housing maintenance fund and natural gas entry fee in five times to multiple accounts designated by the developer.

Different from Yu Ailin, the buyer, Wang Lili, is a staff member of a real estate agency in Sanya. Even the local real estate industry insiders, Wang Lili still lamented that defense is impossible to prevent, and Nanfeng Zen villa purchase made her tired.

I signed a subscription agreement with the developer in December 2016. I wanted to buy a house of about 82 square meters through the mortgage loan. Wang Linlin, the developer, said that she could not complete the loan to the bank in April due to the long loan period.

The developers attitude is very firm, requiring me to pay the balance in one time within five days after receiving the notice, otherwise the subscription agreement will be automatically terminated. Wang Linlin said that for this reason, she paid more than 1.29 million yuan in a lump sum. Wang Linlins house money is transferred to the special account of Nanfeng Zen villa project of Sanya Jinxia company.

The reporter learned in the interview that a large part of the 108 house buyers who encountered trouble were from Hunan, and other buyers involved Henan, Beijing and Hong Kong.


108 properties seized

These buyers told reporters that the main reason why 108 sets of houses were sealed up by the court was that the developers loan in the bank was overdue.

In the second half of last year, the above-mentioned buyers kept negotiating with the developer Sanya Jinxia company, asking them to sign a formal house purchase contract with the buyer for online signing and filing, but none of them came to fruition. Should be at the end of last year, the developers main shareholder Wang Mou Hong suddenly lost contact, the phone also couldnt get through. Li Xiaomin and other buyers said that we began to feel that the situation is not good.

The financial management of Nanfeng Zen villa project is chaotic, not only many bank accounts collect housing funds, but also the flow of funds from accounts supervised by four parties is a mystery. House buyer Yu Ailin said.

According to Yu Ailin, three of the four large house payments were made at the POS machine of the Nanfeng Chanshu project in Changsha, and the other 500000 yuan was collected by the developers staff at her home with the POS machine.

Although there are multiple bank accounts for a house property, the developer Sanya Jinxia company recognizes Yu Ailins house payment. This collection of housing money shows the financial chaos of Nanfeng Chanshu project development company.

Hunan female boss Wang Mou Hong lost contact, the developer also has a staff left behind the project department, but we communicate with him, he can not do the master, there is no way to communicate and solve the problem. Yu Ailin said the developer was sued by the bank to the court for overdue loans owed to the bank.

Sanya Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development issued two major transaction risk tips notice on November 12, which also confirmed the above-mentioned buyers statement. Because of the dispute, the peoples Court of Sanya City has not been informed of the project.

On November 12, Sanya Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development issued a risk warning notice.

According to the petition materials sent by the above buyers to relevant departments, Sanya Jinxia company has mortgaged its land use right area of 38245.31 square meters and building area of 13470.57 square meters to Hainan bank from May 3, 2016, with the amount of creditors rights guaranteed reaching 110 million yuan, and the guarantee period will end on May 3, 2020.

The buyer also said that Sanya Jinxia company bypassed the supervision of the bank and industry authorities after collecting the above-mentioned housing funds, and the flow of funds became a mystery. The Court seized 108 real estate and corresponding land use rights of Nanfeng Chanshu project under construction for three years from August 5, 2020 to August 4, 2023.


Sanya political and Legal Committee has stepped in

Surrounded by mountains and lakes, it is full of green and rich in negative oxygen ions. leaving the dust is not leaving the city, and the future appreciation potential is unlimited... Sanya Nanfeng Zen villa project claims that the theme of the project is Zen culture and health preservation vacation, striving to build into a high-end health resort community integrating leisure vacation, health preservation and ecological residence in Hainan.

Some real estate agency websites also introduced that Nanfeng Zen villa project covers an area of about 60 mu, with a total construction area of 80000 square meters, a floor area ratio of 1.5, and a green space rate of 40%. The project plans 9 high-rise buildings, 49 villas, swimming pools, clubs, etc., with a total of 567 households; the project provides innovative and rich types of Zen houses: 85-140 square meters of stacked villas, 200 square meters of row villas, and then free Send 1:1 basement and garden.

This is just false propaganda. The developer originally said to give away a 1:1 garden, but later my garden became a fire passage (Community Road). Nanfeng Zen villa community on the first floor of a resident very angry told reporters.

Through the inquiry, the reporter found that some real estate agents are still selling real estate of Nanfeng Zen villa project on the Internet, with an average price of 40000 yuan / m2. However, some intermediary websites have been removed from the shelves of the project products, and the price is shown as to be determined. The reporter contacted the sales staff of the above-mentioned real estate agency, who said that Nanfeng Chanshu community has houses for sale, but the price can be negotiated..

There are still online sales of Nanfeng Zen villa information.

The reporter also consulted the relevant information of Sanya Jinxia company through the enterprise credit inquiry tool. Information shows that the companys own risk information prompts up to 515, 126 related risks, involving 218 judicial cases. The companys shareholder, Hunan businesswoman Wang Xiaohong, etc. were listed by the court as dishonest Executees, limiting high consumption. Wang himself has 16 affiliated enterprises, including a natural shareholder of a financial institution in Changsha.

Just as the reporter was writing a manuscript, Yu Ailin, the buyer of the house, sent two sections of monitoring video to the reporter. On November 16, the notice of significant transaction risk tips posted in multiple elevators was taken away by a strange man with malicious tears.

In order to further understand and verify the relevant situation, the reporter respectively contacted the developer Wang Xiaohong and the project left behind person in charge. A reporter called Wang Hong for several times. After the reporter dials the mobile phone of the person in charge of the left behind project, but no one answers all the time, and then he turns to the state of language message function. The reporter also carried on the related language message, but as of the time of the reporters publication, no one contacted the reporter. (for the sake of personal privacy, all the buyers involved in this article are pseudonyms)

Source of this article: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of China housing news_ NB12679