Rove will play more at the center in the new season: I dont deserve what Ive achieved

 Rove will play more at the center in the new season: I dont deserve what Ive achieved

Later, love switched to the Cleveland Cavaliers and formed the three giants with LeBron James and Irving. In order to adapt to the way his teammates play and prolong his career, Loew began to lose weight. Through hard training, luff lost weight and evolved from a little fat man to a handsome man. Weight loss has helped rove become more flexible on the court, but it also makes him lose his inside deterrence and become a big shooter floating on the outside.

As the only remaining star of the Knights trio, love has not been happy in the past few seasons. At the same time, he also revealed that he had a serious mental illness. In an interview last week, Loew said that sometimes he didnt feel worthy of what he had achieved, and even now he still wanted to commit suicide.

For Loew, who is now over 30, gaining weight doesnt seem to be a wise choice. According to the media, Loews weight gain is to better adapt to the changes in the teams lineup. In this off-season, the Cavaliers did not attract much help, but the main center position Tristan Thompson left the team. Even though they took over McGee from the Lakers, both love and Larry NANs, Jr., may sometimes have to top the fifth.

Corzine signed a one-year contract with the Rockets. Hes a signal for haddenweis to stay in the team? Its revealed that the Lakers will cut Jordan bell, turn McKinneys contract into full security, and the Lakers seek to sign another center to make thick eyebrow number four throughout the season_ NB13040