Super favorite powder! Wu Yifans silver hair catches the eye

 Super favorite powder! Wu Yifans silver hair catches the eye

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Wu Yifan looks back and says goodbye to his fans

Houchang village reported on November 24 that Wu Yifan arrived late at the Beijing airport a few days ago. We are worthy of being a representative of the trend. Our gray hair is full of fashion.

Wu Yifan is such a fan! When he saw the fans, he took the initiative to go to the meganies and greet them while walking. The warm-hearted meganies told Fanfan: Beijing is too cold, wear more.

Wu Yifan nodded after hearing this, and then asked the assistants in the car to get off the car to receive gifts from fans. Wu Yifan turned and raised his hands to pay homage to the meganies. This figure is too handsome! And when we go back to the car, we turn back and wave goodbye to the fans step by step. Its too warm! Fans and idols are like this two-way rush!

Earlier, Wu Yifan posted a background photo of the first champion in his racing career on Weibo. He was in a good mood with three trophies. In the photo, he wore a black racing suit, clenched his fist and cheered for himself with a bright smile. He also released photos of himself holding three trophies, and his expression was cool and handsome.

On the evening of October 30, on the night of the finals of Chinas new rap, Wu Yifan sent a long article to say goodbye to the new rap. He said that he had been with the program for four years unconsciously and devoted his youth to rap. He said that he was very happy to see that rap songs are more and more popular in the publics field of vision, and he would insist on making the music he wanted in the future.

The following is the full text of Wu Yifan:

Just after watching this program, congratulations again to Jialong for winning the championship and becoming Rapstar. The summer of this year is over. Finally, there is no need to eliminate my brother. Unconsciously, I have accompanied this program for four years, and I have devoted my youth to rap. Ha ha.

Im very happy to see that rap songs are more and more popular in the publics field of vision. A continuous stream of new blood has joined in. One after another, excellent original works have been born. Rap music is more and more frequently on the music charts. The whole rap music industry is more and more prosperous, and there are more and more opportunities for music performance...

I really feel happy for everything now. I feel that what I and all my friends who love rap have insisted on in the past few years are very meaningful. Similarly, I will insist on making the music I want and keep going. More and more friends are welcome to play rap. I hope our Chinese rap will be better and better.

Translated from Wu Yifan source: Houchang village exposure society editor: Li Si_ NBJ11322

From Wu Yifan