He was blackmailed by James for two years, humiliated by ONeal to want to retire, was blacked out of the slam dunk championship, now has three titles in hand

 He was blackmailed by James for two years, humiliated by ONeal to want to retire, was blacked out of the slam dunk championship, now has three titles in hand

Besides, McGee was blackmailed by LeBron on INS for two years before signing for the Lakers.

When the Lakers missed the playoffs early, people mocked James and brought McGee with them. At that time, the warriors were looking forward to winning three consecutive titles, while McKee was already fishing for the Lakers. People have been too lazy to write a paragraph to blackmail him, and directly comment, is he not a good brain?

Personal attacks like bad brain seem to be used only on McKee. When ONeill forced McGee into a comedian with the five big embarrassments, the words used to evaluate McGee cant be excessive, as if only ONeill could decide. Among ONeills witty sarcasm, Myboy is the most frequently used word. It sounds like a nickname so much that people forget that my son is actually taking advantage of him.

In the Big Five most popular period, McKee often dominated the headlines. He tried to contact ONeill, but was arrogantly ignored. When McKee played the starting center with a ten million contract, he felt so depressed that he didnt want to play for a while when he came to the sideline to greet him, not the children with the shirt, but with the crowd shouting Myboy..

His mother Pamela was dissatisfied and took the initiative to find the media. In front of the camera, she said excitedly, what he did to my son is Internet bullying! Is this suitable? Can the NBA allow that? ONeal should be suspended.

ONeill heard about this and responded, dont be afraid. Im familiar with the top.

Everything goes on, and McKee doesnt make a sound. He just tells his friends that he hopes not to make a fool of himself, but he becomes silent and dare not do some actions. He was very aggrieved, but he could not feel the anger in his heart until one day he was completely aroused.

ONeill turned a picture of a tramp into McKees face, laughing wildly on the show. You see how stupid he is. I look at McKee every day and feel that he is such a character.

McGee was completely angry. He was always modest. He took the initiative to spray dirty words on twitter. ONeill used dirtier slang to spray back. The end of the swearing war was that ONeill refused to apologize and said, my mother called me to stop doing this, so I wont discuss him in the future, and his name will never be on the show again.

After McGees mother expressed indignation, the media quickly contacted ONeills mother, who said, I told Shaq that when Buckley plays with you, you like to play with him. But if you do a prank and the other person doesnt like it and is uncomfortable, you should stop. You wont be happy about it

McKee has been introverted since childhood. His father was George Montgomery, the second round show chosen by the pioneers in 1985, who played center, but never played in the NBA; his sister Imani, 2.01 meters tall, was flying wings in Dallas of WNBA, playing as a center; Pamela McKee, a hall of fame player, also played as a center. McKee grew a pair of net height of 2.13 meters, arm span of 2.29 meters, his standing touch height reached 2.91 meters, ranking fourth in NBA history. So he naturally wants to play center, even in high school, he didnt like playing basketball.

The neighbors who would laugh at him didnt know that McGee, though born with a basketball star figure, also had underlying diseases: asthma and hyperactivity disorder. The former makes it difficult for him to be present at one time for a long time. When he stops, he has to gasp with exaggeration and is ridiculed by some people who dont know why. The latter is strongly denied by McKee. He is not an ADHD, just some hands and feet are not coordinated.

McGee actually weighs 122 kg, and his skeleton is very large, making him one of the top 10 in the league. However, he was born uncoordinated, and his weight was mostly in the upper body, which became his burden: he could only run and jump with great strides to reduce the pressure of each step of movement. Because the upper body was too heavy, his lower plate could not even move against little Thomas. Therefore, he encountered two tibial stress fractures in his career, which could be said to be broken by his weight, which nobody cared about, They only treat him as a joke, like a circus joke.

I dont understand the audience, Pamela said. When they see the injured and the sick, they are willing to give applause. Why does Javier struggle so hard on the court, and they just sneer at it?

McGee went to the University of Nevada. After sophomore, he was chased by scouts to participate in the election. The coach especially regretted that he was too late to learn basketball. If he had more time to polish his skills, he would be much better. but the coach also understood, but if he stayed a few years, he would not be able to enter the NBA. Pamela McKees son couldnt play in the NBA? You cant play NBA with this kind of body? Its all the scouts who did it.

McKees mother, with a degree in economics, raised two children during the off-season, taught them to block blocks and rebound with volleyball, and taught them to read. So McGees biggest hobby is actually reading quietly in the dressing room. He likes to explore some humanities. Later, he talked to David West best in warriors.

McKee is a man of insight, West said. Hes willing to talk to me about whats going on in the world. The man described by the outside world is not him at all, and they dont want to know him at all.

However, McKee is still persistent in trying to let the outside world know his real self, and he will take the initiative to talk to reporters, but there are few readers of the interview articles. People just prefer to talk about Myboy rather than the modest and polite Javier McKee. As Pamela worries, McKee is labeled. In this era of entertainment to death, the more serious McKee is, the more boring people say he cant afford to play.

He took part in the slam dunk competition in 2011. He made two and three bucks at a time. He scored 99 points in the first round and lost to Griffin in the second round. After the game, he still couldnt forget: I said, when they drive in a car, its like they won. Whats the competition between us?

He also questioned Howard three years ago: that basket is not 12 feet (3.66 meters) high. I can see at a glance that there is no 11 feet (3.35 meters) high. It seems very difficult to turn up the camera lens. If I change it, Ill do the same.

McGee is still dismissive of this kind of dunk, but he certainly did not expect that Evans and Howard would become his teammates in the future. When the reporter reminded him that he would face-to-face in the future, he thought for a moment, we still have to say it, but we should seriously discuss it face to face.

After playing for three and a half years with a hopeless team at the bottom, he was transferred to the Nuggets, signed 44 million for four years - at that time, it was worth ten million to be a center, but the Nuggets paid a lot of money to play 10 starts, and finally he was dealt with in the first round. With a salary of 44 million, McKee played 107 games in total, of which the 76 people who were busy putting on a bad job only let him play six games and paid him 23.5 million to buy the first round.

Results the summer has not yet passed, the left leg tibia second stress fracture, in the calf he played a total of 34 games, even the second years base salary has not been implemented, directly let him go.

So he went to the warriors and continued to play for pachuria.

Warriors are a team full of happiness all the time, and everyone likes to make happiness. Cole will send McGee at some point and say, its not easy to deal with the opponent. We have only you.

Besides Durant, he is indeed the only one who is tall and able to jump. In the first four playoffs, he averaged 9.8 points, 4.3 rebounds and 2.3 blocks per game in 12.2 minutes. The commonly used 36 minute data is multiplied by 3, which is the same as that of a superstar.

Thats when James came to the Lakers.

If you cant get a star center, Ill take McGee. James said.

For the first time in his entire career, he was named and was so excited that he was overwhelmed.

McGee still doesnt know, because he fouled James Jones and was blackmailed by James for more than two years.

But in their first month together, they were the best. James said, I think McGee can run for the best defensive player.

He needed too much affirmation, which was neither false nor general. Its not compassionate, its not tagged. He needs people to know one thing, Javier McKee, have a clear impression in your mind. But make sure you dont describe yourself in my eyes.

Another summer, he got another affirmation: Howard and cousins came to the team, and they all became his substitutes.

He had a third ring. He took it as the main force. This time its not for others, its for myself.

From 1 to 15, 15 people, everyone plays their part. Im not the leader of the team, but Im not the same number as others, so its good He said, I have a wish.

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