Stock market wine crazy big shareholders take the opportunity to sell off 3.8 billion yuan, the man who received the plate is exposed!

 Stock market wine crazy big shareholders take the opportunity to sell off 3.8 billion yuan, the man who received the plate is exposed!

However, when the situation of liquor stocks was good, there was news of important shareholders selling.

Yanghe shares announced this evening that blue alliance, a major shareholder with more than 5% of the shares held by old leaders, has sold 3.755 billion yuan last week. Meanwhile, Guo Guangchang, known as the richest man in Shanghai, is reducing his holdings of Qingdao beer.

Yanghe shares announced on the evening of November 23 that Jiangsu blue alliance Co., Ltd. will reduce its holding of Yanghe shares by block trading from November 18 to November 20, 2020, accounting for 1.50% of the total share capital of Yanghe.

Before the reduction, Jiangsu blue alliance held 21.44% of Yanghe shares, which was the second largest shareholder, next to 34.16% of Yanghe Group, the largest shareholder. After the reduction, the number of blue Alliance shares dropped to 300 million shares, and the shareholding ratio dropped to 19.94%.

It is worth noting that Jiangsu blue alliance is not only the major shareholder holding more than 5% shares, but also the main management and backbone shareholding platform in the reform of Yanghe shares. Many of the main shareholders behind the blue alliance are the original old leaders of Yanghe, including the former chairman of Yanghe Group and the chairman of Yanghe shares.

Agencies are taking delivery in a large scale

The average price of blue alliance was 165.94 yuan, 4.67% lower than the closing price of 174.07 yuan on November 23.

It is worth noting that the receiving party of the blue alliances block trade sale attended a number of institutional seats, and the institutions took over the offer in a large scale.

Guo Guangchangs liquor bureau: selling Tsing beer for 3 months to earn 2.1 billion yuan

It is not only the old leaders of Yanghe shares who want to sell off. Guo Guangchang, the richest man in Shanghai, has also reduced his stake in Tsingtao beer. In May, Guo Guangchang just won Jinhui liquor, a liquor enterprise in Gansu Province.

On the day of the announcement, Fosun Group held 175 million H shares of Tsingtao Brewery, accounting for 12.84% of the shares. Fosun Group entered Tsingtao Beer three years ago. In December 2017, Fosun Group took 17.99% of H shares of Tsingtao beer from Asahi group, with a total price of about HK $6.617 billion. After making a lot of money, Guo Guangchang began to withdraw gradually.

On the other hand, Guo Guangchang has become the owner of Jinhui liquor. In May of this year, Guo Guangchang entered the Gold Emblem Wine through 1 billion 839 million yuan in the stock of Yu Garden. In October, he finished the tender offer by 715 million yuan in Hainan Yuzhu and 8% of the Gold Emblem Wine. As a result, Guo Guangchangs shareholding in Jinhui liquor reached 38%.

Jinhui wine recent rise is also very amazing!

Source: Zhong Qiming, editor in charge of China fund daily_ NF5619