Sold by the sales office face recognition photos to buy a house more than 300000? Some people wear helmets to see the house

 Sold by the sales office face recognition photos to buy a house more than 300000? Some people wear helmets to see the house

In the investigation of Nandu reporter, many sales offices admitted to installing face recognition system, and some people in the real estate industry said that every company has a similar system. However, experts remind that it is suspected of infringement to take photos of their faces without the consent of consumers. Once the data is leaked, the harm will be great.

Real estate companies secretly spread out face recognition, buyers wearing helmets to see the house

The video of wearing a helmet to watch a house circulated on the Internet. Graph from network.

It is the face recognition system of the sales office that leads to this trick.

Yuan Yu, a real estate agent, told Nandu that the face recognition system installed by real estate enterprises is related to its distribution mode. When a new real estate is listed, on the one hand, the real estate enterprises will spend a lot of money on marketing publicity to attract potential buyers. On the other hand, they will also find various housing sales platforms as distribution channels to help attract customers.

In the past, the scuffle between real estate sales and channel intermediaries for customers often occurred. And face recognition is to help real estate enterprises determine what kind of buyer is, whose customers, and who should be given Commission.

Now basically every developer has this kind of face recognition system, Xu Yifang, a real estate employee, told Nandu reporters that if there was no face recognition, there would be a lot of gray areas..

For example, customer a and customer B came to the sales office, and sales a received them, but only customer a registered the information. When customer B comes to visit again, it comes with intermediary B. In the end, client B transacted business through intermediary B. When sales a finds out that he has received customer B, he will think that this is his customer. Sales A and intermediary B will have a dispute.

Reporter on the spot investigation: even wearing masks will be senseless capture

Nandu reporter survey found that in order to meet the needs of real estate enterprises, a number of companies have launched face recognition channel risk control products, and the market is very large.

Take Shenzhen Mingyuan Yunke e-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mingyuan) as an example. The company announced on its official website that relevant products have covered 80 + cities and 1100 + projects. Foshan Damai Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Damai) said that after the outbreak of the epidemic, house watchers often wear masks. However, since its system was launched in Jiangmen junjingwan group Lingfeng project for one month, the recognition rate is still as high as 97.77%.

The product introduction interface on the official website of Mingyuan company. Photo from AI outpost.

Recently, Nandu reporter to buy products for the sake of contact with Mingyuan company sales Chen Bing. According to Chen Bing, Mingyuans face recognition system is divided into two parts: hardware and software, including several cooperative manufacturers: cameras and other hardware are customized for open view; the algorithm cooperates with Huawei, and the data is slowly stored in Alibaba cloud.

Weve tested it, and we can recognize 50 people at the same time, wearing masks. Different from traditional security videos, the system can identify and predict the viewers path of action, frame the necessary route, and set up a camera to capture, Chen said. After shooting, the system will automatically select one or two best photos.

When the viewer decides to buy a house and uses the all in one machine for identity verification, the background of the system will bind the ID card information to the previous record, which is equivalent to the comparison of person, face, mobile phone number and all visit records.

When a reporter cited the video of watching a house with a helmet as an example, he suggested that the viewer might have privacy concerns. Chen Bing said that the face recognition camera and the monitoring camera have the same appearance, and can be senseless in the whole process. They dont know. They have heard of relevant cases before, but now they are not.

In order to experience the effect of the senseless capture, the southern capital reporter pretended to visit the house and came to the Sales Office of China Railway Construction International Mansion (hereinafter referred to as Tiejian) in Daxing District, Beijing. The products of Mingyuan are being used here.

In the one hour experience, Nandu reporter saw a number of cameras marked with the word open-minded. There were three cameras on the first floor and at least two in the model room area on the second floor. However, whether in the sales office door or inside the building, there is no face recognition prompt at the camera, and the sales staff also did not mention face recognition.

A camera marked wide view inside the Sales Office of Tiejian. Photo from AI outpost.

After the reporter finished his house visit with a mask, Chen Bing asked the reporter about the color of his clothes on that day, and quickly found his colleagues to call out four snapshot Photos - each of which successfully captured the reporter. One of the photos even showed the reporter looking outside the sales office. The time mark in the upper right corner was accurate to seconds.

The screenshot shows that Chen Bing, wearing a mask, was captured three times in 33 minutes. The time and photos of each capture, the contrast base map taken by the person identification machine and face similarity are listed.

In addition, the system also has the function of view short video, one of which shows the whole process of Chen Bing entering the sales office from outside the picture.

A screenshot of the background of the face recognition system. Photo from AI outpost.

A face is related to hundreds of thousands of yuan? Opaque information leads to constant disputes

Most people are indifferent to the use of high-tech technologies like face recognition. However, when face recognition is linked to house purchase discounts, and there are hundreds of thousands of discounts for a face, Im afraid no one can calm down? News from real estate media.

In an article published at the end of last year, the we media said that a project launched a series of year-end house purchase discounts. As long as buyers visit the project for the first time and place an order on the spot, all kinds of discounts can cost 300000 yuan less. But the buyer must be the first time to visit, or have not been photographed by the camera before.

A real estate agent released a video saying that buyers bought hundreds of thousands more.. Graph from network.

The sales office does not inform me, without authorization and consent, privately identify and obtain face biological information, which seriously damages the security of my personal biological information. In August this year, a netizen complained on the leader message board of the peoples network that Tianjin XX Wenyuan new house sales office collected his face information without authorization.

It turns out that a month ago, this netizen bought a house in XX Wenyuan through an intermediary. However, on August 4, he was informed by the sales office that the face recognition system of the sales office had recognized people who were similar to him to see the house alone. Therefore, he was a natural visiting customer, not an intermediary channel customer, and could not enjoy the channel discount.

Only through the face recognition comparison without my authorization, the sales office concluded that I had been to the sales office and visited customers for the sales office on the unilateral overlord clause, which seriously damaged my interest in purchasing a house. This netizen said, in many negotiations, the sales office is bad attitude, he has no way to complain, very troubled..

Netizens believe that sales offices need to deal with the problem of obtaining their face information. The picture is from peoples daily.

This Tianjin netizens experience is not isolated. In each network community, all netizens reflect similar problems.

A Zhihu netizen mentioned that her husband had accompanied his friends to see the house, but did not take the initiative to leave any information. This year, the couple bought their own house, looking for an intermediary, and also discussed the rebate. However, after they paid the down payment, the intermediary said that the two people were locked into the sales people who had received friends before by the face recognition system, and the customers who did not belong to him could not get rebate.

Expert: senseless capture of non-compliance, suspected of infringement of consumer rights and interests

One of the biggest selling points of the so-called face recognition channel risk control products is the senseless capture: Chen Bing mentioned this point many times when he was selling to reporters, and said it would improve the customer experience.

How long will face data of sales offices be saved? Chen Bing said that face data and mobile phone numbers are permanently saved, but the internal real estate enterprises generally only open data viewing rights to designated management.

It should be pointed out that different real estate enterprises and technology enterprises have different opinions on data storage period. After visiting Tiejian, the reporter from Nandu called some sales offices of Vanke and poly in the capacity of a house watcher, and several sales representatives said that there was a face recognition system. A salesman said that the face data of channel customers will be saved for a month, while the data of naturally visited customers will be permanently saved and cannot be deleted.

The relevant staff of Damai, whose products are similar to Mingyuan, said that the face photos will be stored in the cloud for one year.

Does the sales office use the face recognition system to capture the viewer without feeling, is it infringement?

It has been stipulated in the network security law and the civil code that the collection and use of personal information should follow the principles of legality, legitimacy and necessity, open the rules of collection and use, clearly state the purpose, method and scope of information collection and use, and obtain the consent of the collector.

The personal information security specification for information security technology (hereinafter referred to as the specification), which was implemented on October 1, this year, provides more detailed operation guidelines: before collecting personal biometric identification information, it is necessary to inform the personal information subject of the purpose, method and scope of the collection and use of personal biometric information, as well as the storage time, and obtain the personal information subjects instructions I agree.

A number of experts said that the so-called house buyers see the camera is equivalent to know that the face of the person being photographed is totally untenable.

He Yanzhe, an expert in the app governance working group, believes that there are obvious compliance problems in the collection and processing of personal information that focuses on insensibility: it does not separately inform the viewer of the purpose, method and scope of collecting and using his personal biometric information, nor does he obtain the explicit consent of the subject of personal information. In addition, face recognition classifies house watchers into different types and gives them different preferential policies. There is also the suspicion of price and service discrimination.

In his opinion, the sales office can take a more transparent way: the staff will inform the existence and use of face recognition before the visitors enter the sales office, so that the viewers can make their own choices.

Zuo Xiaodong, vice president of China Academy of information security, pointed out that the purpose of using face recognition system in sales offices is to protect their own interests, not to protect the rights and interests of users. Therefore, the legitimacy and necessity of using the system are questionable. The practice of directly uploading the viewers face photos to the cloud will also bring higher security risks.

At present, the national security standards for face recognition data have strict requirements for data storage, transmission and destruction. Enterprises should consider these questions: is it necessary to store data permanently? Do you have an agreement with the user? Zuo Xiaodong pointed out that in the context of housing sales, the face information of house watchers will be associated with other personal information. Once the relevant data is leaked, it will be extremely harmful.

Xiong Dingzhong, chief partner of Beijing Qinglv law firm, believes that the senseless capture of the sales office has infringed upon the personal information rights and interests of the house watchers, the infringement behavior and the infringement result are very obvious, which infringement subjects are worth exploring.

The organizer of the sales office must be the first person responsible for the infringement. An interesting question is whether the technology provider of face recognition infringes. In my opinion, we should pay more attention to the subjective intention and fault of technology providers. Although they do not necessarily know where the products and technologies are ultimately used when they are sold, they have a legal obligation to examine whether the receiving party has fulfilled reasonable personal information protection obligations and whether their actions are helping the receiving party to jointly infringe. Xiong Dingzhong said. Zuo Xiaodong suggested that any organization and enterprise should carefully use face recognition system and carefully evaluate its legitimacy, necessity and security before use. Users have the right to know. If it is necessary to use it, the users consent shall be obtained. (Yuan Yu, Cheng Xin, Xu Yifang, Chen Bing are pseudonyms) buyers are afraid of being recognized by their faces and wear helmets to see their houses_ NB12679

Zuo Xiaodong suggested that any organization and enterprise should carefully use face recognition system and carefully evaluate its legitimacy, necessity and security before use. Users have the right to know. If it is necessary to use it, the users consent shall be obtained.

(Yuan Yu, Cheng Xin, Xu Yifang and Chen Bing are pseudonyms)

Buyers fear face recognition and helmet