Li Keqiang holds a forum: only when you tell the truth can we come up with practical strategies

 Li Keqiang holds a forum: only when you tell the truth can we come up with practical strategies

After listening to the speeches of the comrades, I feel that our analysis of the economic operation since this year is practical and realistic. When we consider the next step of work, we can take into account various factors, and proceed from reality, and we are all outspoken in putting forward suggestions. Li Keqiang said, this will provide an important basis for us to study and consider doing a good job in the next economic work. If you tell the truth, we can come up with a real plan.

This is the result of concerted efforts from the top and bottom to overcome the difficulties

Local government officials attending the meeting generally reflected that the national macro policies and measures to help enterprises and relieve the financial crisis have played a key role in this years national economic and employment indicators have stabilized and improved quarter by quarter.

Li Keqiang said that faced with great challenges this year, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the epidemic prevention and control strategy has achieved significant strategic results and the economy has achieved a positive recovery.

This is in unison and awesome results: we should say that the national macro policies are decisive, effective and reasonable in a timely manner, and achieve the desired results with moderate policies. Moreover, all parts of the country take the initiative in strengthening the implementation of policies, while the more than 100 million market players are showing strong resilience. The Prime Minister stressed in particular.

Li Keqiang pointed out that at the same time, efforts still need to be made to promote the recovery of economic stability and return to a reasonable range. Guided by Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinas characteristics and carrying out the spirit of the party in the fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, we should carry out the requirements of implementing the new development concept, promoting the development of high quality and building new development pattern, and penetrate into all aspects of economic and social development, so as to better play the polarity of the central, local and all sides, and ensure that the main tasks and objectives of this years development are achieved, and that the economy is maintained. Continued steady development and continuous improvement of peoples livelihood.

Li Keqiang stressed that it is necessary to fully understand that the current domestic and international situation is still complex and severe, and there is great uncertainty. We should seek truth from facts, take into account both the long and the short, plan for the next step of development, and maintain the continuity, effectiveness and sustainability of policies.

This year, in response to the unprecedented impact of the epidemic, we have introduced a combination of policies in a timely manner. The strength is reasonable, the scale is moderate, and we have not carried out flood irrigation . It is better than expected and proved by practice The premier said, we should reasonably grasp the strength of policies and select policy tools. We should continue to adhere to the experience we have explored. We should adhere to the reform measures such as the effective direct mechanism this year.

Li Keqiang said that it is necessary to optimize policies in a timely manner according to the needs of market entities and changes in the situation, give market stability expectations, and maintain stable economic operation.

Li Keqiang pointed out that efforts should be made to stabilize employment and expand domestic demand. If there is employment and income, there will be consumption. The policy of giving priority to employment should be strengthened to create more jobs. To plug up the short-term consumption and better meet the demand for normal consumption. We should strengthen the guidance of government funds, encourage social investment, and expand effective investment.

He stressed that we should continue to adhere to the governments tight days and yield profits to market entities. All localities should take targeted measures according to local conditions to help market players solve difficulties and improve peoples livelihood.

If the main body of the market has vitality, we will have a solid foundation for development

The premier said that this years macro policy has emphasized the reform orientation, giving priority to the needs of market entities, and ensuring employment by ensuring market entities. The innovation and implementation of the direct mechanism itself is a reform measure: the provincial government should be a good God of passing wealth and allocate the funds issued by the central government to the municipal and county grass-roots units at the first time; at the same time, it should not shake hands as the shopkeeper, mobilize the financial funds of the province, and strive to ensure the employment of residents, the basic livelihood of the people, and the main body of the market.

Li Keqiang pointed out that over 100 million market entities are the basis for stable growth and employment protection. The people are diligent and intelligent. They should take more practical measures to solve the problems, deepen the reform of release, management and service, and create a market-oriented, legal and international business environment.

If the main body of the market has vitality, we will have a solid foundation for development. Said the prime minister.

He demanded that all localities should also proceed from reality, have the courage to break the unreasonable pattern of interests, continue to launch more reform measures, increase the power of activation, create a better environment for improving the activity of market entities and the emergence of new market players, better gather wisdom and strength, and cultivate new driving forces for development.

Li Keqiang said that we should promote high-level opening up, continue to do a good job in stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment, and stabilize the industrial chain and supply chain. We should seize the opportunity of the conclusion of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement, make good use of relevant rules and facilitation measures, and actively expand new space for international cooperation.

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