Tong Liya plays call show for Chen Sichengs new film

 Tong Liya plays call show for Chen Sichengs new film

It is reported that Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng got married because of Beijing love story, and Tong Liya has given birth to a son after their marriage. At the beginning of 2017, Chen Sicheng was photographed holding a night meeting with two girls in a hotel, causing a scandal of infidelity, which attracted a lot of attention. Some even wrote that the whole network is looking forward to Tong Liyas divorce.

After the incident, the two sides rarely interact on the Internet, but Chen Sicheng insists on celebrating Tong Liyas birthday every year. In recent months, the two people have had frequent and sweet interactions, and it seems that the relationship has recovered as before.

In August this year, Chen Sicheng visited Tong Liya, who was filming. On the same day, Chen Sicheng came to the parking lot of Tong Liyas residential area. He seemed to have gained a lot of weight. He chatted with the assistant from time to time during the luggage carrying period. The assistant gesticulated and took out his mobile phone to show Chen Sicheng. They chatted for a while and then left together after the driver arrived.

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Tong Liya is considered too thin by her son (source: Netease Entertainment)

Not long ago, Tong Liya shared a video of chatting with her son. In the video, Duoduo was distressed. Her mother was too thin. She asked her mother to eat more: Mom, look at how thin you are. Eat more when you have a big meal. Tong Liyas soul tortured her son: can you eat less of that flower? What do you look like?

Duoduo also seriously asked her mother and children how to lose weight. Finally, the mother and son agreed to lose weight and gain weight. They had a love chat and interaction. Everyday sprouting netizens said: Duoduo is so cute! Warm heart, little fat flower! Sister, eat fat

Tongliyas response: dont make up a script. Duoduo is in love with her mother. Let Tong Liya eat more: what are you thin? Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395