Tang Yan Luo Jin wedding room suspected exposure worth 70 million elevator direct to underground garage

 Tang Yan Luo Jin wedding room suspected exposure worth 70 million elevator direct to underground garage

Netease Entertainment reported on November 23, November 22, a real estate blogger exposed Tang Yan Luojins wedding house, saying that the house is located in the old rich district along the river in Xuhui, Shanghai, and the cheapest house here costs nearly 50 million yuan.

Tang Yan Luojins house area is 466 square meters, with a value of 70 million yuan. Because of the design of one elevator and one household, the elevator can go directly to the underground garage.

According to the photos exposed by the owner of Caibo, the decoration is magnificent, and the cloakroom is larger than the ordinary bedroom, which is very luxurious.

It is reported that Tang Yan and Luo Jin got married in October 2018. On the evening of September 19, 19, Tang Yan released a group of expressions to announce her pregnancy. Then Luo Jin forwarded and said: share our joy with you, and happiness overflows the screen.

On August 2 this year, Tang Yan attended an annual press conference to talk about the feeling of postpartum comeback, she said: such as the first time. Asked if the twins were born, she denied: its a daughter..

Recently, in an interview with the media, Tang Yan revealed the details of getting along with her husband Luo Jin, showing great love. In the interview, Tang Yan called Luo Jin the family member of our family. In addition, she also revealed that when she and her husband were filming in different groups, they would understand love through video. Because the time for eating was almost the same, they were eating each time.

In addition to show love, sugar candy also did not forget to make complaints about online Tucao. She joked that sometimes when she was very hungry, Luo Jin, who was eating supper, would call her, and deliberately greedy for her to say that it was delicious.

Previously reported

Tang Yans new play is scolded by screenwriter: actors are not omnipotent, or why do you want special effects?

Netease Entertainment reported on November 17 that Jiang Shengnan, the author and writer of yanyuntai, responded to the audiences negative comments on yanyuntai. She revealed in an interview that she didnt know Tang Yan was pregnant when she was filming and thought she was fattening up the drama. In addition, she recognized the dedication of the leading actor and heroine, and felt that some comments were too critical. She said: not every actor has a decathlon. If you want to ride a horse, you have to ride a real horse. If you want to go into the water, you have to go down to the real water. Otherwise, why do you want the special effects department? She also said: the scene of the Heishan incident was really mean, but it was not seen at all. It was a big summer with a green curtain behind it. If we wanted to take pictures of the snow in Heishan, it turned out to be so spectacular.

Tang Yans pregnancy and acting as a stand in is ridiculed

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Tang Yans appearance in the new drama is said to be pregnant, her face is bigger than Dou Xiaos, and her riding on the circus is distorted. The network exposes that the crews pregnancy is obvious (source: original)

NetEase entertainment reported on November 5th that Tang Yans Yan Yuntai is being broadcast. This is also the first ancient costume work after Tang Yans comeback. From the current broadcast, the texture is quite good, but Tang Yans pregnant belly makes people play a little bit, so many people make complaints about it.

Recently, Tang Yan and Dou Xiaos Yanyun station broadcast, the network heat and discussion is also relatively high, caused a lot of attention and a wave of audience boom, originally thought this would be Tang Yans turn over work, did not expect in the play Tang Yans pregnant belly to attract eyes, some important scenes even need to stand in for.

In the plot broadcast on November 4, Tang Yan walks with the maid. I dont know whether its the problem of lighting or the angle of clothing. Tang Yans stomach is very obvious, even the heavy ancient clothes are not covered.

Perhaps in response to the controversy, Tang Yans studio sent a paper, which was suspected to clarify the matting and double events for Tang Yan, and released four stills. There was no pregnant belly in the stills. It seems that Tang Yans pregnant belly may also be caused by the angle of light and clothing. However, it is true that Tang Yan is still filming when she is pregnant.

Many netizens Tucao make complaints about this: its been six or seven months now, so if you know that it will affect the film, do not shoot it. In this way, the studios response to the article appears to be somewhat ineffective.

Yanyuntai is directed by Jiang Jiajun, written by Jiang Shengnan, and starred by Tang Yan, Dou Xiao, she Shiman, Jingchao, Tan Kai, Liu Yijun, Lu Shan, Jichen, Ning Li, etc. In the novel of the same name, the story of Jiang Shengye and Han Shengli is based on the characters of the two men.

Recently, the play has been questioned by netizens that the plot does not conform to historical facts, causing controversy. In response to the plot controversy, the author of yanyuntai said, I have not only written a story about the Liao state, yanyuntai , but also a story about the Northern Song Dynasty, Feng Ba Jiu Tian and a story about Xixia, iron blood rouge. . The main content of the story about Yang Jiajiang is in the Northern Song Dynasty. There is no part of yanyuntai

Later, the author of yanyuntai wrote another article saying, my original intention in writing this series is to take history as a mirror to explore why the three dynasties of song, Liao and Xia coexisted at that time, what was missing and wrong in Song Dynasty, and why Liao and Xixia could be continued. The rule of Qin Dynasty does not mean that the Legalists are absolutely correct; the use of Huang Laos skills in the early Han Dynasty was the Chu culture; in the Han Dynasty, it was the Qilu culture that only respected Confucianism and salt and iron theory. If pink history only goes to the closed door and the same party, it will be useless for the present and harmful to the future .

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