Feng Lun: stop speculating in real estate. Its a buyers market

 Feng Lun: stop speculating in real estate. Its a buyers market

Post development era: full product line, full value chain and full business model

After the three red lines came out, on the one hand, the traditional developers, who had run very fast before, began to be under the pressure of debt leverage, and then kept tightening, reducing, and even exploding; on the other hand, many people began to celebrate, as if this was a new bridal chamber.

Who entered the bridal chamber? For example, Alibaba invests in real estate, tmall good house; Huawei has also begun to form alliances with more than a dozen real estate companies to enter the era of smart home and enter the real estate industry; earlier, Tencent has quietly entered the real estate industry.

In fact, these stories mark the change of the real estate era, that is, the end of the development era and the coming of the post development era.

In the development era, the house refers to the house, which is sold by buying land and building houses, and then buying land and building houses for sale. The focus of competition is mainly on scale, cost and speed. Who can build faster, sell faster and scale bigger.

In the post development era, there are seven main types of real estate we want to do. The first is office, the second is commercial property, the third is education and research, the fourth is logistics and warehousing, the fifth is government property, the sixth is hotel and holiday property, and the last is medical and health.

In a word, the post development era is a full product line, full value chain and full business model.

The whole product line should be subdivided. For example, the seven categories mentioned above can be further subdivided; the whole value chain can be subdivided from land acquisition to operation and finance.

Post development era is service industry: technology + real estate

In the post development era, some disruptive changes in real estate will come from some enterprises that combine science and technology with real estate, or technology will enter real estate enterprises, rather than those real estate companies known today.

If the development era is the manufacturing industry, then the post development era is the service industry, and the precise service and excellent service of the service industry depend on science and technology.

The empowerment of science and technology to the post development era is mainly reflected in four aspects: the first is the new infrastructure at the bottom, which needs to lay a good digital foundation, because the intelligent management of large communities and large urban complexes depends on the underlying data base. The second is in the transaction link, such as shell killed a large number of small real estate brokerage companies, agency companies. The third is smart home. Haier, Xiaomi, Huawei and other companies are working on it. Smart home and the digital foundation just mentioned are all connected. Fourth, the process of building houses has been changed by digital technology, and the manufacturing process is more accurate, economical, environmentally friendly and efficient.