Its said that the sales department has face recognition and accurate recognition, which can be sold at a high price. They come with helmets

 Its said that the sales department has face recognition and accurate recognition, which can be sold at a high price. They come with helmets

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According to Ningbo evening news in June this year, Mr. Songs sister from Ningbo bought a house in a real estate in Yuyao in July last year. Later, Mr. song also wanted to buy a house, so he learned about the property. Mr. Songs elder sisters house was bought through a sales manager surnamed Wu. In the second half of last year, manager Wu learned from Mr. Songs sister that he also wanted to buy a house, so he called Mr. Song to buy a house. Manager Wu introduced him to Mr. Song, because his sister introduced him after he bought the house, so he could enjoy a discount of 20000 yuan from the old to the new.

Why do sales offices use face recognition?

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, a real estate agent said: the face recognition system installed by real estate enterprises is related to its distribution mode. When a new real estate comes into the market, on the one hand, the real estate enterprises will spend a lot of money on marketing publicity to attract potential buyers, on the other hand, they will find various selling platforms (intermediaries) as distribution channels to help attract customers.

There is no way to wear a mask. In order to avoid being recognized by face recognition, some customers have also come up with helmet, mask, sunglasses and other methods to cover their faces. But how useful is this? According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, a sales person at Mingyuan Yunke e-commerce Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen said: we have done the test and can identify 50 people at the same time, as well as wearing masks. Unlike traditional security videos, the system can identify and predict the viewers path of action, frame the necessary route, and set up a camera to capture, the salesman said. When the viewer decides to buy a house and uses the all in one machine for identity verification, the background of the system will bind the ID card information to the previous record, which is equivalent to the comparison of person, face, mobile phone number and all visit records. The sales person also said that the face recognition camera and the monitoring cameras appearance, can senseless capture the whole process. They dont know. They have heard of related cases before (wearing helmets to look at houses), but now they are slowly disappearing. According to Ming Yuan Yun, official account of WeChat public in May 18, 2016, the flying single issue is repeatedly banned. The solution is to look at the face

The core of the flyer problem is customer identification and ownership. Previously, mobile phone number was the only basis for customer identification, but the number is easy to hide and change, so the flyer problem has been repeatedly prohibited.

However, as long as the sales field is equipped with Mingyuan Yunkes face recognition equipment, the camera will capture the customers facial features and automatically input them into the system. At the end of each day, the marketing management personnel will attribute and associate the visited customers recorded by the face recognition system. Each customer has a clear attribution, and it is impossible for a natural visiting customer to pass the hidden number Code, change number, off-site interception to achieve a single flight.

Source: Ming Yuan Yun WeChat public number on the know platform, according to a good room sales system official account, released Mask also can not seal the excellent room algorithm face recognition, the article said:

Due to the fact that people wear masks after the epidemic, optimization software algorithm engineers first carried out quantitative analysis on the existing model performance, established data evaluation and annotation, and further upgraded the new face recognition system to human iris recognition

The upgraded model greatly improves the success rate of face recognition image modeling with face mask on the scene, which is little different from that without mask. Under the interference data of tens of millions of orders of magnitude, the highest hit rate is as high as 97%.

In the project, the face recognition effect was obviously improved by using face mask in real estate. For example, a certain project has been visited by wearing masks in the past month, but the recognition rate is still as high as 97.77%.

Photo source: Zhihu screenshot. According to the official website of Foshan Damai Information Technology Co., Ltd., the excellent house sales system is a sales management system developed by the company. According to the excellent room software introduction, anti flying single face recognition system page shows that the software can real-time upload data to the cloud system, and never lose.

Face recognition technology should not be abused

According to, although the collection and use of personal information in the field of consumption is not prohibited, the supervision and management in the process of personal information processing is emphasized, that is, the collection of personal information should follow the principle of legality, legitimacy and necessity and the consent of the parties concerned; the use of personal information should follow the principle of ensuring safety, and should not be disclosed, sold or illegally distributed to others When personal information is infringed, the operator should bear the corresponding tort liability. According to CCTV news, it is obviously necessary to state the principle that face recognition technology cannot be abused in Chinas first case of face recognition. We should see that the case has been widely focused, and the realistic background behind it is: now that people have entered the era of looking at faces, face recognition technology has been applied more and more widely, from originally mainly used in mobile payment and confidential fields to everywhere has it - owners need to brush their faces when they enter the community, employees need to brush their faces when they enter the library People are gradually sensitive to the risks associated with the application of face recognition technology.

This sensitivity is not superfluous: biometrics, including faces, fingerprints and iris, are almost the last line of defense for individual information security, because such human passwords are not as changeable as digital passwords. If we are randomly collected, sold and embezzled, it may put us in a situation where there is no basic security to speak of, and the risk can not be underestimated. Because of this, although face recognition, which integrates artificial intelligence, machine recognition learning, model theory, dynamic image processing and other technologies, is an important symbol of AI turning to strong intelligence, it is necessary to examine its potential risks from the perspective of biosafety. Before that, the illegal interest chain of packing and selling face data and star face changing has been exposed on the Internet, which also reminds the whole society that there must be forward-looking prediction and systematic prevention for the abuse risk and misuse potential of face recognition technology. Face recognition involves the issues of identity information recognition and privacy protection. There are many regulatory measures in the current criminal law on illegal access to personal privacy. In view of the out of circle Application of face recognition, the ethical regulations and legal provisions for face recognition are also being improved. The daily economic news integrates Southern Metropolis Daily, Ningbo evening news, Xinhua news agency, CCTV news, and public information. Source: China Foundation news editor in charge: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619

The daily economic news integrates Southern Metropolis Daily, Ningbo evening news, Xinhua news agency, CCTV news and public information