Joker Xue Zhai Xiao Wen recorded the show with many joys, love and laughter.

 Joker Xue Zhai Xiao Wen recorded the show with many joys, love and laughter.

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Joker Xue and Zhai Xiao Wens recording program (source: Hou Chang Cun)

After the report of the factory in November 23rd, we saw Joker Xue and Zhai Xiao Wen in a shopping mall in Shanghai recently.

On the same day, Joker Xue and Zhai Xiao Wen wore the same purple sweater and recorded programs in the mall.

Before the shooting, the two people each took a battery car, but it seemed that Zhai Xiao Wen didnt operate very well. Joker Xue rushed to teach Zhai Xiao Wen how to operate. After that, the two people drove one by one and looked really cute.

But when shooting officially, the two decided to take the same battery car to shoot. Driving by Zhai Xiao Wen, side by side with Joker Xue, two people crowded on the same car.

Zhai Xiaowen drove the car to the door of a pet store. The two got off together and entered the pet store to take pictures with a group of small Xiang Pigs.

The two men left the pet shop and drove to a childrens clothing shop. Joker Xue, who was playing with his heart, took off a piece of childrens clothing from the model and tried to put it on Zhai Xiao Wen. However, the gap between the two sides was too large, or size failed.

The last two came to the amusement park in the mall. Joker Xue and Zhai Xiao Wen came to the merry go round, and the two men grabbed the pole of the merry go round to finish the last scene. During the shooting, the two faces were full of bright smiles, which showed that they were very happy on that day.

Prior to this, Joker Xue and R1SE Zhai Xiao Wen jointly unveiled a variety show program. Zhai Xiao Wens exposure is Joker Xues fan younger brother. As early as in high school, he had repeatedly expressed his private letter idol on the social platform. He also refused to apply for admission to the fans three times, which made Joker Xue shout at the scene and repeatedly said, go back, Ill check the application of fans.

Joker Xue also expressed feelings on his personal social platform. He said he had not spoken to anything. He also mentioned that flowers and plants will wither, face is learning bark, and waves are exaggerated. In the picture, the red word is also marked with the words strengthening the ideological and moral education of the minors. Some fans say Joker Xue has seen what negative remarks are, but more fans say that maybe it is just a little life of adults.

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