Star is named head suspected of selling fake live broadcast goods, its time to weed out

 Star is named head suspected of selling fake live broadcast goods, its time to weed out

Coincidentally, the event that the instant birds nest that the anchor Simba team sold in the live room was suspected of sugar water also continued to ferment. After testing the relevant products, some anti-counterfeiters further raised doubts. The authenticity of products and the after-sales rights protection are still in the process of further verification and resolution.

Recently, live delivery has caused a series of problems, such as traffic counterfeiting and product selling, which has exposed the chaos of the industry development and highlighted the shortcomings of the live broadcast economy. No matter from the perspective of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, creating a healthy consumption environment, or promoting the healthy development of the industry, we should not let the live broadcast with goods run wildly and return to the healthy track to accelerate steadily.

Flow means benefit, and more represents ability. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. In particular, for celebrities and head anchors, it represents top traffic, which should have higher requirements in product selection quality and risk management, and higher pursuit in meeting consumer demand and driving industry development. Facts have proved that if you only care about immediate profits and temporary interests, if you dont ensure the quality of products and protect the rights and interests of consumers, sooner or later, people will fall into the altar and be abandoned by the market.

Of course, the flow is not guilty, only the flow is the map to be cautious. Under the support of traffic flow, consumption enthusiasm and market prosperity are gratifying. However, we need real, reliable and accurate traffic data and consumption data. However, some platforms and some anchors create false prosperity with false traffic, which leads to wrong guidance to consumers, which is a kind of deception. Whats more, fake traffic, water injection of sales data and malicious bill brushing have formed an industrial chain. There are not only the self-design of the live broadcasting platform and the live broadcasting room, but also the vicious competition among peers. It can be said that the rhythm of the live broadcasting economy has been distorted and the ecology of the live broadcasting industry has been polluted. In order to protect the legitimate rights of consumers and consider the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, we should zero tolerance for counterfeiting and crack down on the counterfeiting industry.

To better standardize live delivery, we must work together for a long time. According to the data, the number of users in Chinas online live broadcasting industry has reached 504 million in 2019 and is expected to reach 526 million in 2020. The direct seeding industry, which is growing at jointing stage, needs to stump seedling and weeding timely. From the platform record permission to the anchor real name system certification; from the establishment of live content audit system to the implementation of the content log information retention requirements; from the network live marketing code of conduct tightening the security fence, to the Consumer Association, lawyers and so on to stand up for the rights of consumers Some policies have been implemented and all parties have taken deep and practical actions to fertilize and kill pests in order to cultivate a good direct seeding economy and ecology. Facing the future, the economy of live broadcasting needs to be equipped with more sensitive monitors, and it is necessary to use more detailed filters for live traffic.

No matter how strict the system is, the implementation is inseparable from the efforts of each participant. In particular, as the first responsible person, the network anchor should uphold professional ethics, improve the business level, and improve the operation process, so as to make the traffic become the water to achieve the cause and benefit the society. Only when we protect our commercial credit can we win the trust of consumers and win the bright future of live broadcast economy.

Source of this article: Peoples Daily - Peoples daily editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395