Chen Zhipeng: fake goods will fade

 Chen Zhipeng: fake goods will fade

Netease Entertainment, Nov. 23 - Nov. 22, Chen Zhipeng, a former member of the little tiger team, shared a recent photo online. In the photo, he was wearing glasses and a sequined mask. He was very handsome. However, most of the people in the comment area are complaining about the gold they bought from his studio.

It is reported that Chen Zhipeng recently carried out a live broadcast with goods in a live room. On November 6, Chen Zhipeng announced the gold live broadcast on his account. He stood in the gold shop wearing gold jewelry and said that he would feast everyones eyes in the live room. Now this dynamic has become a gathering place of consumer complaints. Many hostages suspect that the gold chain they bought is fake and will fade.

Some consumers showed photos of their gold necklaces, saying that the difference between the products they got and what they saw in the live broadcast room was 18000 miles, believing that Chen Zhipeng was deceiving everyone. One of the consumers said that they would give a 199 yuan necklace when they agreed to join the fans group during the live broadcast, but they only received the one they bought and didnt give them. Another consumer also raised a question, saying that the live broadcast room is full of money, but the hand is silver. If the goods are wrong, they say they want to return the goods.

In fact, it can be seen from the photos that the gold chain is not big. Different people have different opinions on the quality. The complainants said it was gold-plated, and the chain inside was silver. She made a return call to confirm that it was not real gold. However, some netizens questioned, saying that the price could not have been more real, and the complainants said that the real gold was said in the studio at the beginning, which was equivalent to some kind of commitment.

Chen Zhipeng also has fans in the comment area reminding him that you help people with goods, and those people use your reputation to send out products that are not on the right board. They think Chen Zhipeng has been victimized by those businesses. Many consumers buy things because they like Chen Zhipeng. Now they are very disappointed and have left a shadow. After all, sometimes taking goods is just like endorsements. If something goes wrong, the first reaction is to find a star. So its better to be more cautious about bringing goods with stars live.

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Chen Zhipengs show is the most gimmicky thing in 2019, and hes fighting for money! (source: ~)

Chen Zhipeng wears a suit again. He is 50 years old or handsome tiger. Chen Zhipeng is thin into an awl face, which is quite different from Wu Qilong and Su Youpengs star road. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395