Singer Alan will sue Evergrande for failing to solve the property certificate for buying a 10 million luxury house for 4 years

 Singer Alan will sue Evergrande for failing to solve the property certificate for buying a 10 million luxury house for 4 years

Netease Entertainment reported on November 23, singer Alan said in an article that she and Beijing Evergrande Washington caused a dispute over the purchase of a house. In the article, she said that her spirit and economy were hit by the purchase of Evergrande Washington. She said that since the purchase of Evergrande Washington, the other partys problems have made her physically and mentally exhausted, but the solution put forward by the other party makes Alan unable to be satisfied. If the other party refuses to follow up and solve the problem, she will file a lawsuit with Beijing Evergrande Washington.

The full text is as follows:

Dear President xujiayin, Evergrande group, Beijing Evergrande Washington:

Over the past year, Ive been hit both economically and spiritually.

Since I bought Evergrande Washington, a series of problems have made me tired and helpless!

Now we propose two solutions to you: 1. Register within a time limit to solve the problem of real estate certificate.

2: Full refund at current market price (purchased in 2016).

We have been adhering to the attitude of mutual understanding and mutual trust. If you continue to shirk your responsibility and refuse to follow up and solve the problem, I will sue Beijing Evergrande Washington for cheating consumers!

It is reported that Allan may sue Beijing Evergrande Washington, which is located north of Dongba in Chaoyang, Beijing, with a price of 26 million, which is a real luxury house. On September 24 this year, China Evergrande real estate issued a statement, saying that recently, rumors about the reorganization of our company were circulated on the Internet. The relevant documents and screenshots were fabricated out of thin air and were purely defamatory, causing serious damage to our companys goodwill. Our company strongly condemns it, has reported to the public security organ, and resolutely uses legal weapons to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company.

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Allan sings forever (source: Netease Entertainment)

Alan, a Tibetan singer with sweet appearance and mellow singing, made his debut in Japan in 2007, enjoying the resource treatment of Hamasakis fellow teacher. His full name is Alain dawajoma. He has sung many songs for film and television works, including the theme song of step by step startling Yinian persistence and flower thousand bones theme song eternal , which can be called OST professional.

Prior to that, on June 10, she posted a dynamic on her personal social platform: sorry, everyone... Plus three eyes covering expression, as if to say something small secret. In the photo, Alan is wearing a horses tail and is sitting in a chair, dressed by staff. She was dressed in a white loose dress, with a protruding abdomen in her hands, which was quite different from her slender figure in peacetime.

Fans left messages and guessed: this is the child with hot pot. Alan replied ha ha, and there was old fan congratulating her on having her own child. She replied keep going... , the attitude is very ambiguous, attracted netizens to speculate that it is indeed pregnant.

But in May, Alan had taken pictures in Golmud, where she was jumping, with a flat abdomen and slender limbs, showing no signs of pregnancy.

Later, she also took photos on the social platform and posted an article: its so cute and lonely. It should be fast.. It seems to imply that he is still single, but the word soon also implies that his emotional life is a mystery.

Singer Alan cant get the house property certificate to write to Xu Jiayin, recommend Qingliu | failed to gamble? Mortgage luxury house? Zhou Xingchis wealth truth Zhou Zhennan Laolais father responds to living in a luxury house: the embezzled maintenance fund has been paid 450 Ping, is it just a front-end dish? Hong Kong media revealed that she sent Guo bitings mansion and open space to taizai, but Xi Mengyao was attracted by the luxury house behind her, but Lizis 300 million mansions interior was exposed and she loved her husband very much. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395

Singer Alan cant get the house property certificate to write to Xu Jiayin