Kim Kardashian p-tu congratulates TT on joining Boston Green Army fans: the curse is coming

 Kim Kardashian p-tu congratulates TT on joining Boston Green Army fans: the curse is coming

Kim Kardashian posted a picture of p-good Thompson wearing a green army uniform on her social network and said: congratulations to TT! Boston, were here She also made a lot of four leaf grass expressions symbolizing the green army, as well as basketball and champagne expressions.

Thompson has been playing for the Cavaliers since he entered the NBA, and this is his first team change.

However, green fans seem to be less popular with the cardaisan family. Perhaps it is that people have known the reputation of their family socialites, which NBA player and their relationship with their performance on the pitch will be affected, and this influence is also dubbed the curse of kadaishan. This family is like a bad psoriasis, and Celtic people dont want to be involved with the family or any of them. Look in Gods face, and stay in your plastic city! A fan said. There are fans who directly bask out the actors expression bags, shouting no!!!! No no no!!!! There are also fans who are humorous and say: Drake has ended his curse in the Raptors, the Raptors are all crowned, maybe the curse of cardassan will end this season? Source: Netease sports Author: joete responsible editor: Li Xueer_ NB13040

However, the green army fans do not seem to welcome the Kardashian family. Perhaps we have known for a long time that the reputation of their socialites and which NBA player is related to them will affect his performance on the court. This influence is also called Kardashian curse.

This family is like a bad piece of psoriasis, and the Celtics dont want to be associated with this family or any of them. For Gods sake, stay in your plastic city One fan said.

There are also fans directly exposed to the actors expression bag, shouting no!!!! No, no, no

Some fans are more humorous, said: Drake in the Raptors have ended his curse, the Raptors have won the championship, perhaps this season Kardashian curse will also end?