790000 large single sealing plate! Its up to them to challenge new highs this year

 790000 large single sealing plate! Its up to them to challenge new highs this year

More than a subdivision of the tap to attack the limit

Dyestuff plate early rise is most prominent. As of the midday close, the wind dye index rose 5.09%. Zhejiang longshengfeng, the industry leader, went up the trading limit and the latest market value rose to 52.834 billion yuan. Annuoqi, Jianxin shares, Jinji shares rose more than 10% in the early trading.

Dyestuff plate early performance

Industry insiders believe that since the end of September, the prices of various basic chemical raw materials and intermediates have risen rapidly, and the price of some raw materials has increased by more than 50%, bringing cost pressure to dye manufacturers. Affected by this, disperse dye prices have a significant demand for price adjustment in the near future, and the rise of dye prices is likely to drive stock price changes of related companies.

In addition, with the gradual landing of peripheral risks, the export industrial chain of dyes and chemical fibers is expected to benefit. Among them, the leading enterprises are expected to continuously improve the market share and low cost of products.

Aluminum, copper, zinc and other non-ferrous metal related stocks also strong trend. The latest market value rose to 67.75 billion yuan, with more than 790000 orders sealed on the limit board, with the corresponding amount of 314 million yuan. Hongchuang holdings harvest 4 even board, Zhongjin Lingnan, Chihong Zinc Germanium early trading also harvest limit.

790000 large single sealed Chalco

Nonferrous plate early performance

Just over the weekend, the strategy report of securities companies looked at the multi cycle plate, and some institutions clearly pointed out that the cycle is just beginning.

Qin Peijing, chief of A-share strategy of CITIC Securities, proposed to continue to strengthen the allocation of Pro cyclical varieties. He said that under the resonance of multiple factors such as the rapid news of vaccine research and development, the gradual landing of peripheral risks, and the continuous improvement of A-share fundamentals, the markets expectation of economic recovery will continue to strengthen. Once the demand stabilizes and rebounds, the economy may enter the active replenishment stage quickly. Under the constraint of supply and logistics recovery lag, the price elasticity of periodic products in the initial inventory replenishment period is relatively large.

Fan Jituo, chief securities strategist of the new era, believes that commodity prices have generally risen in two ways in history. One is the epic rise caused by major historical events, such as the establishment of the Bretton Woods system and the rise in Chinas rapid industrialization stage, which will last for 10 years. The second kind of rise is the band rise under the situation of stable changes in the large pattern (economy and currency), and each rise takes about two years. Mr Fan said the commodity rally could last two years and could be even higher if the global central banks excessive money supply during the outbreak was taken into account. In terms of sectors, nonferrous metals and chemical industry are the most optimistic. The main reason is that the upward space of infrastructure and real estate is small, while the upward space of global consumption and manufacturing investment is larger, so the demand of nonferrous metals and chemical industry is relatively more beneficial. Chen Guo, chief strategist of Anxin securities, believes that under the background of Chinas sustained economic recovery and vaccine gradually approaching, procyclical varieties are expected to continue to become the main line of A-share market. In particular, we need to pay attention to the demand side has its own inventory cycle and industry cycle logic, and the supply side has the direction of contraction or capacity exit, which is often more sustainable. Source of this article: Yang Bin, editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News_ NF4368