Putin himself responded by not congratulating Biden: its routine, not ulterior motives

 Putin himself responded by not congratulating Biden: its routine, not ulterior motives

According to Russia today website on November 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a program on Russias first news channel (rossiya-1) on the 22nd: this (we did not congratulate Biden) does not contain any ulterior thoughts, and there is no reason to continue to undermine the relations between the two countries This is a convention.

Putin added: political practice stipulates that when one party recognizes the victory of another party, or the final result of the election is determined in a reasonable and legal way, we will congratulate them.

Earlier this month, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Russia would wait for the final result or see a candidate admit defeat before congratulating any of them.

After Biden announced his victory, many world leaders congratulated Biden, but Russia, Mexico and other countries said that they would wait until the dust of the election was settled. Russia said today that some Western news media had interpreted Putins decision not to release congratulatory messages as deliberate neglect..

Mexican President Lopez again said on November 11 that he would not recognize a government that has not yet been legally formed.. Its too early, Mexico is not a colony, Lopez said

The US presidential election was held on November 3. According to preliminary statistics, Biden has won more than 270 electoral votes, winning the U.S. presidential election. The lawyer team of current president trump is filing a series of lawsuits to suspend or recount votes and investigate suspected electoral irregularities in a number of states. However, all the results will not be formally determined until the Electoral College votes on December 14.

Putin himself did not congratulate Biden