Erotic trap recruitment tracking: boss direct employment has frozen the recruitment account number involved

 Erotic trap recruitment tracking: boss direct employment has frozen the recruitment account number involved

According to a survey by Beijing News, since this year, netizens in many regions, including Beijing, Hangzhou and Nanjing, have encountered erotic Recruitment in boss direct employment. This kind of recruitment information often carries the banner of assistant to the chairman and life assistant. The description of the job content is simple and vague, and the actual requirement is to provide sexual services.

In early November, the Beijing News reporter applied to more than 20 similar recruitment enterprises in boss direct employment, including assistant and secretary positions. Seven enterprises obtained further contact with reporters. However, during the interview, a reporter from the Beijing News found that many of the above-mentioned companies were suspected of sexual recruitment. Some of them were intermediaries who were looking for women for clients, others were trying in villas in person, and even some companies called recruitment assistants were actually looking for sexual partners for clients.

On the afternoon of November 17, the Beijing News reporter reported the relevant posts released by the world fortune elite Association and the Chinese ethnic group. About 30 minutes later, the reporter received a call from boss direct employment customer service to inquire about the specific situation. Boss direct employment customer service told reporters that when encountering sexual harassment, they can choose to report on the post release page on the platform. After filling in the reporting information, the staff will give feedback within 1-3 working days.

After receiving a reply from boss direct employment, the reporter of Beijing News said that the recruitment account number of Chinese ethnic group had been frozen after verification that there were violations. Until this morning, the Beijing News reported that the pornographic trap in the recruitment website: recruiting assistants is actually a pimp was published. Boss direct employment has not dealt with the relevant posts and accounts published by the world fortune elite.

At about 11:40 today, a reporter from Beijing news again logged into the boss direct employment website and found that the relevant recruitment information released by the world fortune elite club has been deleted. When you open the recruitment information page, the website prompts the page you visited does not exist. In addition, the website also indicates that the boss account of Mr. Fang, President of the world fortune elite Association, has been frozen by the system. Editor Liu Qian proofread Chen Diyan boss direct employment exposed pornographic recruitment trap_ NF4368

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Boss direct employment exposed pornographic recruitment trap