Crazy Huaqiang North beauty makeup: cheap, half wage has the final say.

 Crazy Huaqiang North beauty makeup: cheap, half wage has the final say.

Huaqiangbei at night

At 7:00 p.m., at Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, at the beginning of the light, a middle-aged man was outside the Maoye Tiandi gate, peddling to passers-by the items in his handbag -- not electronic products, but cosmetics filled with brands such as SK-II.

Very goods, customs, cheap prices, the man winked at the reporter. The market price of more than 1000 cosmetics, he only sold 200-300 yuan. The first floor of Maoye world is full of famous cosmetics counters.

On the opposite side of Manha building, the exterior wall is still a giant advertisement of Huawei mate 40, but this is obviously out of place. The Manha beauty square on the roof of the building is particularly bright in the night, and the smell of cosmetics has wrapped the building.

Next to Mingtong Digital City, the slogan used to be there is no mobile phone you cant buy. Now it has become converging global beauty brands.

At eleven oclock in the evening, it is still the busiest time of the Ming Dynasty. The market is brightly lit and people are surging. The sound of shopping spree, pushing cars, rubber cloth tearing and Alipays voice coming together is the voice of making rich.

Cosmetics are reshaping Huaqiangbei, becoming the leading role here. Once the China Electronics First Street transformation to do womens business, and, more and more crazy.

East Gate of Mingtong shopping mall

In March 2017, Mingtong Digital City, as one of Huaqiangbeis well-known electronic shopping malls, began to transform to beauty cosmetics, which has become the most successful and thorough transformation.

After Mingtong, Yuanwang, Manha and other digital cities have followed, entering the new runway of beauty makeup and grabbing the beauty cake. Huaqiangbei has once again become a new gold rush for many businesses. They may switch to make-up more quickly than they think.

Second floor, Yuanwang phase I

The staff in charge of investment promotion of Yuanwang phase I told the interface news that merchants need to sign a two-year contract to settle in, and the expenses include rent and renovation fee, which are paid quarterly. The rent and renovation fee depend on the location and area of the stall. Huaqiangbei has an inch of land and money, and the price announcement table shows that the cheapest one is a2215, with an area of 7 square meters, a monthly rent of 4500 yuan and a reconstruction cost of 30000 yuan; the most expensive shop number is b2531, with an area of 18.5 square meters, a monthly rent of 20800 yuan and a renovation cost of 240000 yuan.

The relevant person in charge of the Investment Promotion Office of Yuanwang phase II said that most of the shops in the shopping mall have been rented out. At present, only street shops are left to be rented. Taking a 14-15 square meter Street facing shop as an example, the monthly rent is estimated to be 35000 yuan, and the admission fee is as high as 200000 yuan. The above person in charge said that the admission fee is equivalent to the decoration fee, which needs to be paid in one time. If the business contract is renewed after the expiration of the two-year contract, it has the priority to renew the contract without paying the admission fee.

Interface news once reported that Yuanwang phase II began to transform beauty makeup in October last year. Due to its late start time, in order to attract merchants, it gave preferential policies to attract merchants and exempted the management fees and admission fees for tenants. Taking 5-and 6-square-meter shops as an example, the monthly rent ranged from 2000 yuan to 9500 yuan, and the concept of Street shop was not emphasized. It can be seen that with the growth of beauty business in Huaqiangbei, the rent of shops has risen.

The first and second floors of Manha block B have been transformed into import beauty areas, and the third and fourth floors have been transformed into food special areas, which have been open for some time. However, the popularity is far less than Mingtong.

The womens world on the opposite side of Manha has also been upgraded this year, from a foreign trade city selling hairpins, socks and womens clothing to a beauty city, closely following the transformation direction of Huaqiangbei.

Some shops have put up advertisements for younger brothers and younger sisters. It also introduces the most popular live broadcasting, and carries out anchor incubation, live broadcast training and other businesses.

Advertisement of recruiting younger brother in shops

New business of Huaqiangbei

Huaqiangbei has opened a new page.

In the summer of 1979, the state policy encouraged military to civilian reform and mobilized military factories to try to find their own way and market.

At that time, the North Guangdong ordnance factory, which was stationed in the mountainous area of Qingyuan County in Guangdong Province, decided to move to Shenzhen, and began to produce radios, televisions and other household appliances from semiconductor production before.

The northern Guangdong military factory took the original army number and officially renamed it Huaqiang, which means that China is powerful. And a road near the factory is called Huaqiang Road, which is named Huaqiang Road, and the name of Huaqiang North comes from it.

In 1980, Shenzhen special zone was established. AVIC technology company of the Ministry of aviation industry and China Electric Power Company of Ministry of electronic industry have settled in the north of China. The first high-rise building in Shenzhen in the 1980s, a 20 story high-rise electronic building, is born here.

In 1984, Deng Xiaoping came to the electronic building, and then walked into an electronic factory. After seeing the chess performance between people and computers, he said the familiar saying, computers should start with dolls..

This sentence changed Huaqiangbei. Four years later, the state combined scattered small and medium-sized enterprises and established SEG Electronics Group. Then a small half of the first floor of SEG industrial development building was separated and decorated into a matching market. More than ten months later, the whole eight storey building was occupied by the electronic supporting market.

Huaqiangbei officially opened the curtain of its era.

In the 1990s, it was the highlight of Huaqiangbei. When some of the outlets were doing well, the daily turnover reached one million yuan. It is not only the worlds largest distribution center for electronic components, but also the first stop for many young people to search for gold. According to statistics, in the past 30 years, there have been 50 billionaires and countless millionaires in Huaqiangbei.

In 2008, Huaqiangbei won the honorary title of Chinas first electronic street. In the business district, there are many digital shopping malls and professional markets, such as SEG Electronic Plaza, Huaqiang electronic world, Yuanwang Digital City, Mingtong Digital City, New Asia electronic mall, Manha Huaqiangbei commercial square, womens world, etc.

With the popularity of e-commerce and the rising land price and rent of Huaqiangbei, the e-store gradually lost its competitiveness here. Huaqiangbei chose to transform to beauty after several breakthroughs.

Hu Gang, President of South China Urban Research Association and professor of Jinan University, said in an interview with interface news that this is a spontaneous adjustment and automatic selection of the market. Huaqiangbeis regional location and transportation are very good. It has close ties with Hong Kong and has a high market sensitivity. With the development of industry and the upgrading of consumption, cosmetics like cosmetics have better profits and higher investment value It is normal that there will be industrial adjustment after a certain period of time.

The crackdown on counterfeiting is more strict

Huaqiangbei, the water is very deep.

Huaqiangbeis beauty market seems to be booming, but behind the prosperity, a problem is stuck in the throat: how to ensure that it is genuine?

Businesses are clearly aware of this. Nowadays, in various beauty markets, slogans such as quality assurance, one penalty for fake products and standardized operation can be seen everywhere. The relevant departments also pasted the regulations on the management of cosmetics in conspicuous places.

Yuanwang beauty trade centers promise is product quality complaints will be handled within 24 hours, and compensation will be made immediately after market confirmation.

Lin Xu, general manager of Mingtong cosmetics market, once said publicly, we can only guarantee that everything in the market is genuine. All cosmetics will be fined 10 per counterfeit, and serious ones will be cleared out of the market. This is my promise to consumers.

Walking into the gate of Mingtong, you will see an eye-catching two-dimensional code of a small program. This is a small program Mingtong looking for goods which was officially certified by Mingtong online in August this year in order to combat malicious price reduction, virtual quotation and other activities that disturb the market. Consumers can query the business information and product price on the small program, and can also make quality complaints at any time.

However, at 11:00 a.m. on November 20, the reporter called Mingtong customer service complaint telephone number and counterfeit complaint telephone number (both numbers are mobile phone numbers). The former indicated that the call had been stopped, while the latter was not answered.

Although businesses are trying their best to show their authentic posture, but talking about Huaqiangbei cosmetics, many peoples first reaction is still fake.

Ms. Yang, who lives in Futian District of Shenzhen, is only 20 minutes away from Huaqiangbei. She explains why she would not choose to buy cosmetics in Huaqiangbei. The cosmetics there are not particularly cheap, and they are not worth my risk if they are not guaranteed to be genuine.. She used to go to Hong Kong to buy or buy from familiar channels.

In July 2019, Mingtong required the resident merchants to sign the letter of responsibility for not operating fake and shoddy commodities without legal sources. However, in November of the same year, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of market supervision launched a surprise inspection on Mingtong, focusing on the shops and SK-II categories reported by the media. 29 cases of cosmetics suspected of having no legal source were seized and 2 cases were filed.

According to people familiar with the matter, many of Huaqiangbeis cosmetics come from duty-free shops in South Korea, Hainan and other places. For example, goods from South Korea are first transported to Hong Kong in wholesale, and then enter the mainland through customs clearance, water smuggling or other illegal means in Hong Kong. In order to get a lower price, merchants often join hands to brush goods.

After investigation, the suspect was suspected of smuggling imported cosmetics by means of false declaration and price concealment from 2017 to 2020, with a preliminary estimated case value of 42.88 million.

It is understood that the suspect does not make documents to declare to the customs according to the real transaction price of the trade, but fabricates the price at will. Compared with the declared price of domestic general agent of cosmetics, the average underreporting range is more than 50%.

Cosmetics area of duty free shop in Riyue Plaza, Haikou

In fact, cosmetics contributed to the largest sales and sales volume of Haikou duty-free stores. Customs statistics show that from July 1 to October 31, the new tax-free policy for Hainan outlying islands was implemented for four months. Haikou customs supervised a total of 12.01 billion yuan of tax-free sales on the outlying islands, up 214.1% year-on-year. Among them, the sales volume of cosmetics was 5.82 billion yuan and 10.78 million pieces, ranking first among all major categories.

Some of these cosmetics will be sold for the second time, and the purchasing agent is the key role. Hainan purchasing agent was once a popular part-time job. According to another person familiar with the matter, some people will organize the old people and old women in Leizhou Peninsula to become water customers. Each old man only needs to pay for the round-trip ticket, and use their personal quota to buy cosmetics in duty-free shops, so the cost is very low.

However, shortly after the implementation of the new deal, the General Administration of Customs issued regulations to crack down on purchasing agents. It is reported that as of October 31, Haikou customs has intercepted and dissuaded 701 passengers who want to take duty-free goods out of the quarantine area, publicize the customs supervision regulations and supervise them to leave the island with duty-free goods through shop inspection, video surveillance and undercover visits. 228 illegal tourists have been fined for three years without duty-free shopping.

Although the supervision is being tightened, as long as there is profit, purchasing agents can not be stopped. A staff member of the duty-free shop told reporters, before purchasing on behalf of others was quite common, but now it is much better, but there should still be, which we cant control.. When I go shopping at the airport, I have to pay for the ticket. I need to pay for the ticket.

There is no accurate data on how many goods from Hainan duty-free shops have flowed to Huaqiangbei.

When a reporter inquired about cosmetics prices, delivery and other matters in Huaqiangbei, some shopkeepers kept a secret and pointed to the wechat QR code posted in front of their own files, implying online communication. The shopkeeper didnt seem to be enthusiastic. He didnt have enough patience to answer the questions one by one. Huaqiangbeis ambiguous, gray can be seen.

One of the hidden rules here is that the shipping address can be changed at will according to the requirements of customers. For example, it is clearly delivered in Huaqiangbei, but it can be changed to Japan, South Korea and other places. Many stalls have the words one piece issued on behalf of others, which means that a wechat business only needs to act as an intermediary and can purchase globally without leaving home. After the wechat merchants attract buyers, they take the goods from Huaqiangbei and let the store deliver the goods to the buyers on their behalf. However, the shipping address can be written as from South Korea.

To be sure, Huaqiangbei is full of a large number of parallel goods, but after all, parallel goods are not equal to fake goods. It is still difficult to determine scientifically whether a cosmetic is a fake.

First of all, cosmetics testing needs professional institutions, which is expensive, and ordinary individual consumers will not do it; secondly, some cosmetic brands will not publish all the ingredients of the products, so it is difficult for the testing institutions to judge whether the products are true or false even if they have been tested.

As far as consumers are concerned, if they can buy genuine products with less money. No matter once electronic products or now cosmetics, cheap is still the first power to support the wild growth of Huaqiangbei.

In the early stage of the development of Huaqiangbei electronic age, a lot of parallel goods and fake goods appeared, which is inevitable in the market economy. In the process of further development of Huaqiangbei, the government planned and intervened.

In the future, the development of beauty can not be separated from the government to regulate. At the beginning of the development of each industry, the market is spontaneous. To a certain stage, the government should strengthen management, which is conducive to its more healthy and sustainable development. Hu Gang said.

(the pictures in this article are all taken by reporters)

Source: editor in charge of interface news: Chen Hequn_ NB12679