Suzhou will launch digital RMB red envelope on double 12th, which can use offline function

 Suzhou will launch digital RMB red envelope on double 12th, which can use offline function

Before Suzhou, Shenzhen was the first pilot city to carry out the digital RMB red envelope test.

On October 9, the Shenzhen municipal government and the peoples Bank of China launched a pilot project of digital RMB red packets, which offered 10 million yuan enjoying Luohu digital RMB red envelopes to individuals in Shenzhen. Each red envelope was 200 yuan, with a total number of 50000. The winning results showed that the number of applicants exceeded 1.9 million, and the winning rate was only 2.6%. The winner can be used in 3389 merchants who have completed the transformation of digital RMB system in Luohu District. According to the data released by WeChat official account of I Shenzhen, as of 24 October 18, 2020, 47573 successful individuals received the ritual to enjoy Luohu digital Renminbi red envelope, using red packets for 62788 transactions, and the transaction amount was 8 million 764 thousand yuan.

However, the offline and one touch functions could not be used in previous Shenzhen pilot projects.

In addition, the internal test of Chengdu is also in progress. According to a Chengdu banking industry employee to the surging news, Chengdu is currently under the white list invitation system, and only through the invitation of employees of the big banks can they download the digital RMB wallet (known as panda wallet).

According to the above-mentioned banking practitioners, at present, Chengdu has carried out several phone charging activities, and users can freely transfer money into digital RMB in their wallets, and only need to spend 0.01 yuan digital RMB to charge 20 yuan telephone charges.

Chengdu full of digital RMB telephone fee activity source: surging news editor: Chen Hequn_ NB12679

Chengdu charging digital RMB for telephone charges