Trumps performance in the G20 anti epidemic conference is really the epitome of the United States anti epidemic

 Trumps performance in the G20 anti epidemic conference is really the epitome of the United States anti epidemic

World leaders attend G20 summit online meeting

American president Trumps absent-minded performance during the meeting was negatively evaluated by international public opinion. The video shows that he kept his head down when King Salman delivered his opening speech. During the summit, he tweeted many things unrelated to the G20 and the fight against the epidemic, complaining about election fraud in Michigan. In addition, in the G20 summits epidemic prevention and response discussion, he passed away and appeared on the golf course.

President trump is clearly not interested in the G20 summit and its agenda, and his mind is full of American elections. He has successively participated in APEC and G20, which is considered to be an attempt to prove that he is still the president of the United States through international conferences.

President Trumps performance is the epitome of the whole picture of the United States anti epidemic. The number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus in the United States has exceeded a staggering 12 million, and the death toll has reached a tragic 255000. It is reasonable to say that the U.S. government should be the most anxious for the global cooperation in the fight against the epidemic. However, Washington has been playing a cool breeze on the global cooperation in the fight against the epidemic with an air of indifference.

On the contrary, the United States has become the worlds leading country in the fight against the epidemic, instead of exerting its huge financial strength in the world. It is unforgivable that the trump government has openly stood opposite to who, which promotes global cooperation in the fight against the epidemic. History will eventually record this account for this US government. Washingtons various tricks to shirk its responsibilities are temporary political operations and cannot be accepted by history.

This US administration has been reversing globalization and withdrawing from many international organizations. All parties strongly hope that the future Biden administration will make necessary amendments. Now many UN organizations and multilateral mechanisms have become accustomed to the absence of Washington. With or without the United States, the world has to move forward, and human life still has to live. It is hoped that Washington will not continue to marginalize itself when mankind is dealing with major challenges, and that the United States will not tweet or play golf when the world is making efforts to deal with them.

If the next U.S. government continues to regard China as the problem that the United States needs to deal with first, then they will not be able to lead the United States on a new road of seeking truth from facts. They will continue to linger in the shadow of trumpism.

It is obvious that the complete victory of the new coronavirus requires the joint efforts of all mankind. There is no higher moral than the serious humanitarian mission of saving peoples lives around the world, and the trend of the world economy next year depends, first and foremost, on the extent to which substantial progress is made in the fight against the epidemic. There is no time to play political games on the issue of fighting the epidemic.

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