Zhou Jielun takes Kunling to watch the basketball match side by side, which is more tacit than scissors

 Zhou Jielun takes Kunling to watch the basketball match side by side, which is more tacit than scissors

Netease Entertainment reported on November 23, November 22, Kunling and Jay Chou went to watch a basketball match on the social platform. They sat side by side and compared their hands with scissors. They were very friendly and affectionate.

Before that, Zhou Jielun and Kunling were photographed to appear on the court to watch the basketball game. Jay Chou dressed in a Black Hoodie, cool and low-key. When the camera scans the couple, Jay Chou is generous and has a cool expression, while Kunling smiles with shame.

Recently, the two people show their love frequently, which makes netizens cry out: happiness is yours, but I only have dog food.

Jay Chou has always been very fond of playing basketball. He often shares the news of his basketball playing. His wife, Kunling, is also very supportive of her husband. She always accompanies her husband or plays together in person. After marriage, Jay Chou did not stop to flash, and kept sweet talk to her husband Kunling. They were almost inseparable.

On November 21, Jay Chou posted a video of playing with Kunling and his friends on his social account. In the video, Kunling and Jay Chou are all in sports, and their black clothes are super sweet. Kun Ling is vigorous and vigorous and throws two balls. Her high ponytail is flying in the air and full of vitality. Jay Chou and his wife play with super tacit understanding, the whole team-mates also take care of sister-in-law, Kunling after the goal back to her applause.

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Kunling called Jay Chou like Mr. and Mrs. Smith: it was a lovely feeling

According to Taiwan media reports, Kunling talked about what kind of movie her relationship with her husband Jay Chou looked like. When the outside world thought she would tell a romantic movie, Kunling said that she and her husband were spy to spy like Xiao Bu and Julie in Mr. and Mrs. Smiths: they love each other very much, but sometimes they want to make fun of each other. Sometimes ha ha, you dont know Come on, I think its lovely.

After that, when it comes to the fact that the two have already ushered in two babies, Kunling said that the four members of the family are playing the game of the brave every day. Sometimes they collapse and sometimes laugh. When a mother is a mother, she never knows what draw will be made today. The child will be good or not. She can only relax her heart and accept the move.

When talking about one of the most impressive dating movies with Jay Chou, Kunling said: in fact, the most impressive movie was that we went to the preview of skyscraper together. Because we had just given birth to a child, my husband accompanied me to record an audition video, to a custom installation, and then all the way to the end of the film to see it turned into a finished product. When we watched the trial film together, we felt Wow, good feeling. Move. When asked, what kind of story would it be like to write a script for the whole family to perform? Its supposed to be a funny action movie because its noisy at home, Kunling said with a smile. Director to find husband, because he knows me best, he knows what is the essence of ha ha. Its impossible. It may never be shown. Ha ha ha

Two days ago, Kunling showed her familys sweet daily life on the social platform. She showed a picture of a family of four and two friends dressed up as the classic fantasy film the Adams family. The characters in this film have two sons and a daughter, which must be the main reason why Jay Chou chose cos.

After that, Jay Chou also shared a group photo. Jay Chou as like as two peas in the picture, she was very rare in the photo. His younger brother Romeo was beaten with pumpkin and did not show his face.

Zhou Jieluns daughters face photo rarely exposed nose and mouth like her fathers. Kunling boasted that Zhou is a Philosophy Master. Zhou Jielun was taught by her daughter for being naughty. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395