Yu Wenfeng denies Zhou Xingchis love gift: it may be another woman

 Yu Wenfeng denies Zhou Xingchis love gift: it may be another woman

Yu Wenfeng disclosed that after working for Zhou Xingchi for five years, she got a stock profit of 170000 yuan, and was questioned that the money was a gift. She said frankly that she did not remember Zhou Yous gift saying, it may be another woman, not me. He refuted that if he claimed money as his girlfriend, he would add two zeros.

According to the report, Zhou Xingchis lawyer asked Yu Wenfeng about the 170000 bonus he got from his investment in stocks in 2007. He questioned why there was no accounting for the dividend. He questioned that the 170000 was just a gift. Yu Wenfeng refuted that if she asked Zhou for money as a girlfriend, she would add two more zeros, or directly ask for the same amount, such as 1 million or 2 million, or ask for diamonds as a gift, but she said During the period of falling in love, he never takes money from Zhou or asks for diamonds.

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Zhou Xingchis classic work, up to now, cant surpass it. Does Xingye have a foul in the end? (source: ~)

The plaintiff of the case is Yu Wenfeng, and Zhou Xingchi is the defendant. When the trial was resumed on the 19th, Yu Wenfeng appeared in court in person.

Yu Wenfeng testified in court. She recalled that in 2002, Zhou Xingchi said that she would give her a bicycle as a Christmas gift, but she said that she would not want a bicycle. She also proposed to implement the 10% split. At that time, Zhou Xingchi also agreed. Yu Wenfeng stressed that Zhou Xingchi had an oral agreement with her. She provided investment advice, and her profit could be divided into 10%. Because of her trust, she did not write these conditions in a written agreement. She said that she and Zhou Xingchi had reached a consensus on the sharing in early 2002. Around Christmas, she proposed to implement the previous sharing agreement, and proposed to ask for 10%, which was more agreed by Zhou Xingchi.

It is reported that Yu Wenfengs appeal involves the profits of Zhou Xingchis investment in three units and five parking spaces in the peak luxury house Tianbi Gao and bihuali mountain in Tai Po from 2002 to 2010, as well as the profits of the investment fund. Yu Wenfeng said that although there was no contract signed at that time, there was an oral agreement between the two sides, allowing her to take 10% of Zhou Xingchis investment profits. But Zhou Xingchi pointed out that although they had been in contact for 13 years, they said they would share the investment profits with her, but that was just a love talk in love, not a commitment to establish a legal relationship.

Zhou Xingchis old love affair revealed in court details: dating and eating all speak English Zhou Xingchi was loved by Wenfeng to collect 70 million yuan in debt the next day the woman appeared in court this article source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395