Guan Xiaotongs Gymnasium shows her good figure and shes exhausted from hard work

 Guan Xiaotongs Gymnasium shows her good figure and shes exhausted from hard work

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Guan Xiaotongs Gymnasium shows good figure

Houchang village reported on November 23 that Guan Xiaotong was seen in a gymnasium in Shanghai recently.

On the same day, Guan Xiaotong wore a baseball cap, a mask, and a tight sportswear.

After a group of movements, Guan Xiaotong puts down the battle rope, looks around and observes others with her waist. Then she turns to chat with her private tutor.

After a short rest, Guan Xiaotong picks up the battle rope and starts to move. It seems that she is not strong enough. Guan Xiaotongs speed of swinging the battle rope is getting slower and slower. She puts down the battle rope and talks to the private teacher again.

Xiaotong just took a rest on the equipment, but she didnt have the strength to do the training.

After recovering a little bit of physical strength, Guan Xiaotong does not seem to want to continue to exercise, so she followed her assistant out of the gym, and then left the gym with her bodyguard and assistant and went back to have a rest.

Previously, in September, Guan Xiaotong happily shared her weight loss experience on the social platform. Guan Xiaotong, who has just finished health, is wearing a white T-shirt with a red face and a sweet smile. He looks in a good mood. Ive really lost weight recently, Guan said with pride. He still showed his jaw line and clavicle.

When talking about the experience of losing weight, Guan Xiaotong said that he lost weight by controlling diet, practicing Pilates and taking fitness classes. At the same time, Guan also shared the maintenance of mentality during the weight loss period.

Although Guan Xiaotong is very thin now, she has no intention to stop. She says she will continue to insist. In order to avoid her laziness, she also promises fans to wear a slit skirt with suspenders to walk the red carpet at the end of the year.

Guan Xiaotong, who is wearing a white T-shirt, pulled up the cuffs of his T-shirt this time. Just like Lu Han, her boyfriend who is used to holding the cuffs, she also shows her love in secret.

Guan Xiaotongs 23-year-old wish for success. On Sept. 17, she posted her fitness photos on a social networking platform, and wrote, 22-year-old fat wants to say goodbye when Im 23. In the photo, Guan Xiaotong is dressed in a backless fitness suit, doing the action seriously, with a slim figure and excellent back lines.

Source: Houchang village, editor in charge: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395