Guard against fake private placement scam

 Guard against fake private placement scam

This kind of pig killing scams often carry out so-called free stock recommendation through wechat groups. In fact, it allows investors to pick up the offer. After a few days rise, the stock will fall in a mess. From the perspective of fraud, it is also upgrading. First of all, he pretends to be a private-equity magnate, pull QQ group or wechat group to recommend stocks to collect guidance fees, or directly charge membership fees, and grandly recommend stocks every week. It is claimed that 30% - 50% of the income can be obtained in just a few days, and there are many people in the group. The swindler may also use various gimmicks such as margin trading to induce users to download their operating platform and guide them to make money to the account. In fact, the money has not really flowed into the stock market, and the account income seen by the victim is only a string of figures. At the same time, the swindler told the victim that he could not withdraw cash under the pretext of t + 1 rule and guarantee proportion, and induced the victim to invest a large amount of money one by one, and finally closed the net.

In addition, there are institutions disguised as compliant private placement, illegal fund-raising. Investors think that they have purchased regular private placement products, but in fact, the money of investors has been transferred to the bank account of the manager rather than the special account opened by the entrusted securities companies. Most of these funds are transferred out to the personal accounts of pseudo private equity shareholders, split into thousands of yuan and transferred to multiple personal accounts, or transferred to related parties and other shareholders, and some are used for purchase Buying cars, real estate, etc.

Although the starting point of private fund investment is high, only qualified investors can invest, but domestic investors who can meet the threshold of private equity investment do not have enough financial investment knowledge. In the eyes of swindlers, they are often the objects of foolish people and more money. After the country severely cracked down on Telecom fraud, the fraud of fake private placement is gradually becoming a new field favored by swindlers. This requires investors to clear their eyes, correctly understand private placement, enhance risk awareness, and improve self-protection ability. Before purchasing private fund products, you can inquire about private institutions through the website of fund industry association. More importantly, we should consciously resist the temptation of gimmicks such as keeping capital and income guaranteed, high yield and no risk and getting rich quickly, and keep a calm mind, with more suspicion and less fluke.

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