*St Ou Pus controlling shareholder officially goes bankrupt and iron and steel king becomes Lao Lai

 *St Ou Pus controlling shareholder officially goes bankrupt and iron and steel king becomes Lao Lai

The bankruptcy of China base investment has long been threatened. In September last year, cicci applied to Shunde District Peoples Court of Foshan City for bankruptcy liquidation on the ground that it could not pay off its due debts and its assets were not enough to pay off all debts. In November 2019, Shunde District Peoples Court of Foshan City accepted its bankruptcy liquidation application.

According to public information, CICI was established in 2004 as a comprehensive investment company engaged in real estate and large-scale logistics. According to qixinbao, as of the end of 2018, Chen Lihao held 43.16% of shares, and Chen Qianying, Chen Lihaos daughter, held 37.76%.

It is worth mentioning that at present, the pledge rate of * ST opops 501 million shares held by China base investment is as high as 99.9989%, all of which are subject to judicial freeze. The cumulative number of shares held by China base investment was 8.782 billion, far exceeding the number of shares it held. On November 16 this year, the listed company announced that all the shares held by CICI would be auctioned by the judiciary in early December. Based on the stock price (0.77 yuan / share) on the trading day before the suspension of trading of listed companies, the shareholding value of China base investment is about 386 million yuan. As listed companies have been suspended from listing, the value of the above shares may have to be discounted.

Chen Lihao was once a man of the day. According to relevant reports, at the age of 25, he started to set foot in the iron and steel industry, and successively founded five iron and steel companies, including NANDA steel pipe industry Co., Ltd., shungang plate slitting Co., Ltd., Pujin iron and steel trade Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Oupu iron and steel logistics Co., Ltd., which is worthy of the name of iron and steel king. In 2014, the * ST OPO controlled by Chen Lihao was listed on the small and medium-sized board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The stock price of the company once soared to 100 yuan, and the market value was close to 18 billion yuan. With the listing of * ST opal, Chen Lihaos fortune soared. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Chen Lihao family appeared on the Hurun 100 rich list. In 2017, Chen Lihaos family ranked 563 on the Hurun 100 rich list with a fortune of 7.1 billion yuan.

Unfortunately, Chen Lihao has been listed as the person to be executed due to his failure to perform relevant arbitration obligations and violation of the property reporting system. In May this year, Chen Lihao was investigated by the CSRC for suspected violation of securities laws and regulations.

The actual controller was put on file for investigation, the controlling shareholder went bankrupt, and * ST OPs life was not easy. As early as February last year, * ST OP was put on file by the CSRC for suspected illegal information disclosure; in April of the same year, * ST OP was given other risk warnings for illegal guarantee.

On September 30, Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau issued the prior notice of administrative penalty and market entry prohibition to * ST OPU. It is pointed out that the company is suspected of failing to disclose external guarantee and related party transactions involving non operating funds occupied by related parties. Guangdong securities regulatory bureau decided to give a warning to the company and impose a fine of 600000 yuan on the company, as well as relevant responsible persons such as Chen Lihao.

In September this year, * ST ORP announced that the company will take various measures to actively promote debt restructuring, ensure the companys sustainable operation, strive to achieve positive net assets in 2020, and issue standard audit reports for financial reports, so as to meet the conditions for resumption of listing.

However, in the first three quarters of this year, * ST Europe Pu net profit loss of 31.3345 million yuan. As of September 30, the companys net assets were - 2.504 billion yuan. On November 4, the company once said: in view of the complexity of the companys debt situation, the promotion of the restructuring plan is affected by the negotiation results of all parties and other factors, so there is still uncertainty at present..