During the year, 95 fund managers purchased 258 times, with an amount of over 3 billion yuan

 During the year, 95 fund managers purchased 258 times, with an amount of over 3 billion yuan

Bond fund is the main destination of self purchase funds. Data shows that 62 fund companies have applied for 1.514 billion yuan of bond funds, accounting for half of the total amount of self purchase. In addition, 21 fund companies purchased 340 million yuan of stock funds and 53 fund companies purchased 980 million yuan of hybrid funds.

Liu Yiqian, head of Shanghai Securities Fund Evaluation and Research Center, said that there are many reasons for self purchase. Fund companies subscribe for funds with their own funds, which is essentially an investment behavior; second, fund companies and fund managers pass confidence in their products or capital market through self purchase; third, many companies will obtain earnings to encourage fund managers; and fourth, they will pay more attention to fund managers In sponsored funds, fund companies purchase their own products in order to establish the products smoothly. The timing and product of self purchase may represent an attitude, but this attitude does not necessarily give a clear market signal. In fact, the timing of self purchase is not necessarily the right time, and the product purchased by yourself is not necessarily the perfect product. Liu Yiqian said that historically, there was no significant difference in performance between self purchased funds and other funds.

From the self purchase rate of return, as of November 21, 185 of these 258 funds have achieved positive returns, of which 48 have a yield of more than 20%. Cathay Pacific China Securities new energy vehicle ETF link a ranked first with 65.26%, and the yield of huitianfu innovative medicine and huitianfu consumption upgrading exceeded 60%. Benefiting from the structural market of the stock market this year, nine of the top ten funds with yield are ordinary stock funds and partial stock mixed funds. But at the same time, there are 71 funds with negative returns, accounting for 27.52% of the number of self purchased funds, among which the lowest yield is - 7.38%.

Liu Yiqian said that for investors, self purchase of funds can be actively concerned as a reference for investment, but on the whole, self purchase should be viewed rationally, and self purchase should not be regarded as a vane for follow-up investment. In general, fund companies will announce the reasons for self purchase when they purchase themselves, and investors should consider it in depth. The products purchased by fund companies are not necessarily suitable for all investors. Investors should consider whether the products are consistent with their own investment philosophy

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of China Fund News_ NBJ9607