Shanghai property market new house hot, not only thousands of people shake, but also real estate to freeze capital

 Shanghai property market new house hot, not only thousands of people shake, but also real estate to freeze capital

In the first half of November, another 3409 new houses were sold, a 9% increase on a month on month basis. However, the Matthew effect between different sectors increased. Some properties sold poorly, and others not only required capital verification and fund subscription, but also began to ask for freezing of assets.

On November 22, 23 days have passed since the last time a new housing project was approved in Shanghai. Finally, a new housing project pioneer xiruihui was approved.

In the past, I love you, but now you cant stand up -- the first phase of the first phase of the first phase fell into unsalable sales last year, and now the second phase has started to raise funds. However, the buyers who are interested in the project were told a few days in advance that they must carry out the freeze capital of 1.5 million yuan for the first house and 3 million yuan for the second set of housing.

Coincidentally, the last batch of housing resources in Pudong Tangzhen block of pudong pudong pudong development bank is expected to open subscription by the end of November. The conditions given also include the requirements of bank assets freezing certificate of 1 million and 2 million for the first house and 1 million and 4 million bank assets freezing certificate for customers of second set of housing.

Generally speaking, whether to ask for frozen capital in the stage of fund raising can reflect the popularity of real estate. Because frozen assets show that the real estate is picking and picking customers. The higher the requirements for frozen assets, the more it means there is no shortage of customers, or even chasing customers..

There are a lot of hot selling projects in Shanghai this year, but few of them have frozen capital requirements before.

For example, the subscription rate of CCH Delhi, which opened on August 28, reached 946%. At that time, only 200000 yuan of subscription fund and corresponding fund certificate were needed, and T + 1 Certificate of bank current and financial management was accepted. Ruian Panlong Tiandi, which opened in October, has 3715 groups of customers who have subscribed to raise money, breaking the record of the highest number of subscription in two and a half years. However, it only requires the initial verification of 1 million yuan and the subscription of 500000 yuan.

Different from capital verification, frozen capital means that once the buyers participate in the lottery process, they will not be able to control their own money in the short term.

In view of the collective postponement of many real estate projects in early November, there will be a large number of properties entering the market at the end of November and the beginning of December. The financial pressure caused by the freeze capital basically prevents the buyers from participating in the financing of multiple properties at the same time.

From the perspective of founding xiruihui, this can more accurately screen customers, reduce the behavior of buyers looking for horses, and ensure the timely payment of their own projects.

However, this method makes the other projects that will be recognized later complain. It disrupted the whole market. Before, there was no real estate in dahongqiao area. Now we have to lower the requirement of subscription fund from 500000 to 300000 to help relieve the pressure of customers. Dahongqiao plate in another real estate sales staff told the interface news reporter.

A sales person in the industry told reporters that the freeze capital requirements of the first XI Ruihui have persuaded many customers, its too hot, so its so arrogant..

What makes this property so promising?

A sales person at the scene of the pioneer xiruihui said that the property is currently sold in phase II, with a total of 268 sets of hardbound houses, and there are about 2000 or 3000 groups of customers for capital verification in the early stage.

Until the day before the call, the sales office is still crowded, the scene does not have enough sales reception customers. Only the buyers who have raised 3 million sets of model rooms can prove that they can not get all the first set of samples if they dont have the funds for the first time.

The first phase of xiruihui was launched on December 6, last year. Because there was no subway around the project, the school district was not determined, and there was no bright spot in the house type, which finally fell into the unsalable situation.

At that time, the average price of the first phase was 61900 yuan / square meter, and only 45% of the price was sold on the opening day. Later, I found several distribution channels to help sell them for several months. Who would have thought that the second phase is now? A real estate agency told reporters.

In less than a year, the average price of the second phase of the first phase of xiruihui has increased by more than 4000 yuan / square meter compared with the first phase, and the average price is about 3500 yuan / square meter higher than the small high-rise building in hongluwan, which opened at the end of October.

The price has gone up, but customers are full. The reason is that the board where the pioneer xiruihui is located announced this year that several schools that have not yet been completed will be settled by the education group of China Normal University. In addition, Minhang Huacao plate has not been connected to the subway, but there is a line 13 extension planning.

In addition, since October, dahongqiaos new houses are very hot. The red plates such as panlongtiandi and hongluwan have broken the recognition record and sold out at the opening, which makes the price of second-hand houses in this sector rise sharply and buyers feel anxious. Interface news has previously reported that the second-hand housing price of a second-hand building in the Xujing plate of dahongqiao has increased by 500000 yuan within a week.

The average price of Panlong Tiandi is 61500 / m2, and the average price of hongluwan high-rise building is 62500 / m2. The first xiruihui is 66000-67000 / m2, which is not so cost-effective, but now the buyers are a little irrational. Analysis of the above real estate agency.

This year, Shanghai has a full color of gold, nine silver and ten. In the first half of November, 3409 new houses were sold, an increase of 9% on a month basis. The real estate market is still hot, so that more buyers can invest in the so-called red market bid.

On the whole, almost all the hot dishes have high capital requirements for customers near the end of the year.

At the end of the year, capital pressure, developers have rigid payment indicators, all down payment must be paid within three days after housing selection. Baoshan district near the Nanchen Road subway station in Dahua Langxiang Park sales, said to a group of buyers, the property will also be opened in the near future, the early harvest of huge customer storage, capital verification customers to see the model room even need to queue up.

But on the other hand, the Matthew effect of Shanghai property market is more and more obvious.

Qiantan, dahongqiao and other plates, developers set a high threshold to limit the visit of model rooms, or even do not do model rooms, can attract thousands of people to recognize lottery.

In fact, more than half of Shanghais real estate projects have a recognition rate of less than 50%, and more than 30% of them have only a 10% recognition rate. In the non hot sector, there is a large area of bleak situation in the property market, and high-end buildings such as noble areas and No. 1 Zhongxing Road have fallen into unsalable conditions.