Charging pile as decoration? Cant charge! Manufacturer: it didnt cost the government money

 Charging pile as decoration? Cant charge! Manufacturer: it didnt cost the government money

In the parking lot of Anhui Huainan Municipal Government Service Center, the reporter saw that more than 100 charging piles were installed on the site, but all of the charging vehicles were fuel vehicles. According to the security guard at the scene, none of the charging piles could be used.

The reporter tried to use the mobile phone to scan the code for charging, but it also showed that the code was garbled. When calling the 400 number left by the service provider, it also indicated that the number did not exist.

An amusement park project in Shungeng mountain scenic spot in Huainan City was abandoned due to the lack of funds, and 20 charging piles for the amusement park were abandoned. The reporter contacted the relevant manufacturers, but got such a reply.

Charging pile installation manufacturer: the enterprise does not spend government money to buy it, so it can put it as it wants.

Similar charging piles that have been installed but cant be used have been seen in the West parking lot of Huainan high speed railway east station and the west gate of Hefei West 2nd Ring Road and yihuayuan district. Some of these charging piles have rusty shells, some charging guns are scattered and covered with dust, which is obviously unattended and cannot be used. In the interview, some electric car owners also expressed dissatisfaction.

Anhui Huainan electric vehicle owner: there are so many charging piles, but they cant be used. In addition to this management, I sometimes complain.

Anhui Hefei electric car owner: the car is parked there. In fact, it doesnt charge. Its not a tram. Its not a new energy vehicle. It takes up too much space.

More scientific planning for construction and operation of charging pile

The phenomenon that the public charging pile cannot be used aggravates the problem of charging difficulty to a certain extent. How can these problems be solved?

In January 2016, the general office of the peoples Government of Anhui Province issued the implementation opinions on accelerating the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles, which clearly requires that charging piles should be built at a ratio of no less than 20% of the planned parking spaces for newly-built public buildings and public parking lots. All parking spaces in new residential areas should reserve construction and installation conditions for charging piles Not less than 10% of the planned parking space.

Zhang Yongqiang, deputy director of Anhui Huainan Municipal Bureau of urban and rural development: according to the principle of quick and simple, the approval process is accelerated. In general, the public building construction does not need to apply for planning and construction permit again. The charging pile of commercial operation only needs to be filed with the local development and reform department.

Although, from the government level for the construction of charging pile provides great convenience, but why the attention to construction, maintenance and operation can not keep up with the situation?

Wang Ling, a staff member of Anhui Huainan development and Reform Commission, told reporters that the first reason was that the charging pile could not be upgraded because of its old equipment; the second was that the charging pile could not be used due to the companys operational difficulties.

At present, Huainan City has been working on these two aspects.

Wang Ling, staff member of Anhui Huainan development and Reform Commission: for some old facilities that need to be relocated and rebuilt, this work has already started. For some enterprises whose main business is damaged and the charging pile can not be used, the local government of the jurisdiction shall first interview the enterprise and put forward rectification opinions. If the enterprise can not bear the main responsibility, the local government of the jurisdiction shall deal with it according to law and regulations u3002

In addition, industry insiders also said that there are still some problems in the current charging pile installation, such as the quantity is more important than the quality, and the layout is unreasonable, which will seriously affect the utilization efficiency of charging infrastructure.