White House quasi chief of staff: Biden will announce cabinet appointment on Tuesday

 White House quasi chief of staff: Biden will announce cabinet appointment on Tuesday

In fact, Biden announced the membership of his coronavirus working group before formally appointing senior White House staff, and then announced a number of future White House staff candidates, including Ron Klein, who was nominated as White House chief of staff. Biden also said last week that he had decided who to nominate as Treasury Secretary and would announce it around Thanksgiving.

According to US media speculation, potential candidates for Treasury Secretary include Federal Reserve member Lael Brainard and former Fed chairman Janet Yellen. No matter who takes office, they will become the first women in American history to hold the post.

In addition, Roger Ferguson, chief executive of TIAA, the US pension management giant, is also a strong contender for the Treasury Secretary, and he may be the first black person to fill the post.

Biden had previously said the Treasury would be accepted by all Democrats, but his personnel decisions could be criticized as Biden weighed the partys progressive base against the demands of the Senate, which could have disagreed.

In an interview Sunday, senior adviser to Bidens transition team, Jennifer psaki, said Biden wants all kinds of voices on the table..

Asked if Bidens cabinet would have more reformists than President Obamas first cabinet, pashachi said Bidens team would look more like the United States in terms of diversity and context.

As Biden announced his cabinet and pushed for a presidential transition, President trump refused to recognize the November 3 election, even though Pennsylvania dismissed the trump campaigns lawsuit on Saturday.

The presidential transition process has not yet begun

Since the General Services Administration (GSA) has yet to recognize Bidens victory and formally open the power transition process, Biden and his team are still unable to contact federal agencies, obtain millions of dollars in transitional funds for the President-elect and receive confidential intelligence briefs.

For now, Biden has no choice but to raise money on its own. On the 20th of local time, Bidens transition team sent a fund-raising request to supporters, and he said in an email, in case of uncertainty, we need to fund the transition work ourselves. Thats why we contacted you today.

Klein said Trumps claims about election fraud were corrosive and harmful, but stressed that Trumps actions would not change the outcome of the election. However, Klein said it did hinder Bidens ability to form a new government and receive background checks on cabinet nominations.

Our transition cannot be supported by agency officials to help us plan, Klein said. We cannot conduct background checks on cabinet nominees.

There are impacts, Klein added. These impacts are escalating every day, and I hope GSA managers can do their job.

Biden will announce his cabinet appointment on Tuesday_ NB12679

Biden will announce his cabinet appointment on Tuesday