12 years ago, the Lakers robbed the Grizzlies and signed Gasol, adding a small bonus to the deal, losing 50 kg before landing in the NBA

 12 years ago, the Lakers robbed the Grizzlies and signed Gasol, adding a small bonus to the deal, losing 50 kg before landing in the NBA

After several rounds of spreading, this news became the Lakers abandoned Pau Gasol to keep Sun Yue, which resulted in various interpretations. After mark became the top center in the west, this news finally became one of Kupchaks crimes. But its clear from Kuyts interview that Grizzlies want both, and the Lakers try to keep one.

In 2001, Paul Gasol was chosen by Grizzlies. His parents and his family moved to the suburbs of Memphis. Mark recently went to high school at Lausanne college in Memphis. At that time, he was so fat that he got the nickname big taco.. No one knows exactly Marks weight at the time, only that he had lost 50 pounds (60 pounds) by the time he entered the NBA.

Mark and his brother have different personalities - Pau Gasol is modest, polite and kind-hearted, while mark is a typical American childs style: everything has his own ideas, but does not take the initiative to say it. If someone disagrees with his point of view, he will squint at it. This is not surprising, after all, he studied in high school in the United States, usually few friends. After school or training, he wandered home and occasionally went to see his brothers game.

Marks high school coach is named Jason Peters. He was once a teammate of Penny Hardaway and the most proud student of Jerry West. Peters is famous for his ability to explore the advantages of young people. He has been teaching mark for two years. Later, Mark said that this is the most influential two years for him.

Its fun that he can shoot outside in high school. Our team is strong and Ill be 30 points ahead in the first half, so Ill have him play the front line the rest of the time and I dont want him to sit down and sit unhappy, said pitters. and one more thing is, I want him to run up to get his weight down.

Mark plays half of the forwards per game, and sometimes he prefers to break from the flanks and give the ball to the open players. His small skills and selflessness were appreciated by Peters, who said, its really interesting to watch a 2.08-meter-tall, 300 pound (136 kg) little man in the front line.

Mark likes the coach. He and Peters go to the gym on weekends and practice shooting for hours, sometimes three-point shots, sometimes right-handed hooks. Later, one hour at a time, mark made 45 3-point shots with 50 pitches, Peters said.

Mark gradually grew to 2.11 meters, because of the high school playing method, let him have this figure RARE flexible and comprehensive. But in high school, it was hard for him to keep fit, not only because he loved hamburgers and junk food, but also because every summer, his family would come back to Spain together, so they could eat and drink.

Mark said it was what he always wanted to do, like his brother, to be a good Barcelona centre forward.

Before leaving, Peters told Mark to take good exercise and control his weight. He was also given a strict training schedule. Mark listened carefully and went back to Spain. He practiced seven hours a day: the first two hours were tutoring and personal training; the second two hours were with the team, and after that, three hours with the personal trainer. For three consecutive years, it never stopped.

Three years later, mark lost 60 pounds.

After three years in Barcelona, mark played two more seasons at jerona, when he was already the MVP of the Spanish League and a key player in the Spanish national team. When he heard that his signing right was changed to Grizzlies, he was happy to call Peters, and coach Peters was particularly happy. Mark went to high school in Memphis, then went home to play basketball, and finally came to his high school place to play NBA. I thought this moment many times in my dream.

Grizzlies changed three coaches that year, until Hollins. Hollins realized that mark has a unique skill: he is an extremely cunning defender and intelligent passer, and he can predict the next step of any opponent in an instant. In Hollinss opinion, mark should be elected the best defensive player in 2013, but Marks character is a little odd.

Mark may be a bit aloof, Hollins said. You never know what hes thinking. He wont tell you. You can only pry yourself out of him.

Hollins still remembers that mark rookie year, a grizzly bear player was removed because of a mistake, and the player left the field feeling very excited. After the game, Hollins checked the video to make sure he was right, but he took the initiative to find the player to apologize and told him, I read it wrong.

In Marks second year, the Grizzlies bought Zac Randolph. Randolph is a good scorer in low position and middle distance. Mark needs to make room for him. Hollins then asked Mark to come to the top and do more support. This happened to be Marks intention to play basketball. Hollins said that later, the style of draymond green was that mark played the game in grade two. He didnt like the high score, but he was willing to let all his teammates participate.

Then a few years later, the League began to play small ball, sometimes Randolph in the fourth quarter as the center, mark can only sit on the bench. He would ask Hollins off the court again and again, did I do something wrong? Why cant I play? Hollins told him it was the teams need and mark accepted the answer but didnt like it.

Mark did not accept this view. Jorge called him after the report was sent out, and wrote a special article praising mark. This paragraph is meaningful: he is the best player and friend I have ever coached. Talented people will make you better, because he needs more talented partners.

The Grizzlies coach was replaced by a hot assistant, David fitsdale.

By the time fitzdale took office, the Grizzlies had abandoned Randolph and Tony Allen, and the days of the iron grizzly were long gone. Mark went to the coach and asked over and over why he changed tactics. Fitzdale explained that the previous tactical style was outdated. But mark didnt accept it.

I dont want gray areas, Mark said. I want us to have an ideal for the future. We have a unified mind. If we have differences, we should all be frank.

Before the 2016-17 season, mark never made more than 17 three-point shots in a single season, but this year, he made 263 three-point shots, and next season, 320.

I told him, only adaptation or death. Fitzdale said.

Coaches and players dont always have the same ideas, they continue to grow in disagreement. In November 2017, the game against the nets, the contradiction suddenly opened. In the fourth quarter, the Grizzlies relied on a small lineup to get points, and with eight minutes to go, mark planned to play, but fitzdale didnt call his number and he didnt play again. After the game, mark took the initiative to find reporters to complain, if Im not on the court, Im the one whos not valued. Im sure he knows it hurts me the most Fitzdales response was that the decision was not personal, we want to win, so we need to take risks. When you take risks, one or two players may be injured.

The next morning, fitzdale was fired.

If you think its a conflict, all I can say is that I pushed him out of the comfort zone, I tried to build trust with him in a short time, but I was wrong, I might have gone too fast.

Six months later, fitzdale was robbed by the league and eventually became the Knicks coach. He received a lot of blessing messages, and it took him several days to reply one by one, but only one of them was answered at that time.

Mark thought he could stay with the Grizzlies to retire, but when he was finally about to be traded, he realized what the problem was - if there was no goal, I would have no motivation.

There was only one moment when he suddenly showed his feelings. It was time to return to Memphis.

When I first arrived in Memphis, I was a 16-year-old kid who didnt know anything. When I left, I was already the father of two. This city means so much to me. My love here is forever.

His memories in Memphis, not only 11 seasons, to be exact, started in 2001, full 18 years, more than half of his life. In the 2018-19 season, he became the defensive barrier again, guarding the forbidden area of the finals. In the summer of 2019, mark lost weight unexpectedly again, this time by 30 kg.

In this year, he began to play like a small forward, just as he did in high school.

In 2020, mark will become a free agent. Toronto is not too emotional for him. He needs to choose a new foothold. Money and team status are never problems. So there is only one idea: does this team have an ultimate goal?

There has never been a middle ground in his world. The stubborn and determined mark Gasol has reached the age of 35 and has only one reason to keep going.

Always do the right thing.

In the end, the Lakers got him, passing by 12 years ago.

Pau Gasol joins the Lakers! The Lakers signed Pau Gasol for two years, and then went to the front line after 13 years. Little rivers joined the Knicks, signed a 3-year 10 million contract, brown signed a one-year contract, and the Rockets were brutally enforced by the Milwaukee police. Source: Netease sports manuscript Author: Lido editor: Li Xueer_ NB13040

Pau Gasol joins the Lakers