He ChaoLian shares an ideal relationship with a gambling kings father

 He ChaoLian shares an ideal relationship with a gambling kings father

In addition, when asked about the most influential sentence in her life, he ChaoLian said that it was a sentence from her father, which was instructive to her. I think it may be what my father told me before, maybe everyone you meet in your life. Every word he said to you has a reason, saying that you can definitely learn a lesson from this thing or this sentence Harvest, dont look down on any one person, dont feel that you are superior, everyone can be your teacher, I think he said very correctly, so I always treat everyone I meet in this way. .

It is reported that he ChaoLians relationship with Dou Xiao has been stable since the exposure. On August 28, some media photographed he ChaoLian on a visit to Dou Xiao, a Shanghai studio. He was seen wearing a white T-shirt and shorts, showing off her beautiful legs. As soon as she arrived at the studio, the staff ran to meet him.

After meeting Dou Xiao, he ChaoLian immediately left the crowd and came to the backyard. He spoke in a whisper and was very intimate. After chatting for a while, he ChaoLian suddenly took out her mobile phone and scratched her face from time to time. She seemed to be struggling with something in front of her mobile phone. When he ChaoLian is busy looking at his mobile phone, Dou Xiao chats with the staff. After a few words, Dou Xiao immediately returns to he ChaoLian. They hold the mobile phone together and look at it in front of the screen. Its very sweet.

Since he ChaoLian came to work in the mainland with Dou Xiao, they are as close as conjoined babies. He ChaoLian does not have the airs of a lady of gold. She and Dou Xiao go back to their hometown to participate in activities. She is also a little bird in love. She would like to hang it on Dou Xiao when she takes a group photo.

He ChaoLian also traveled with Dou Xiao and rode motorcycles together. The king of gamblers died in May this year. Dou Xiao finished his work and flew to he ChaoLian. During the funeral of the king of gamblers, Dou Xiao stayed with his girlfriend all the time, staying in Santai mansion to comfort her and let her get out of the pain of losing her father as soon as possible.

Not long ago, they took part in the fashion activities of he Xiaolian.

On November 14, Dou Xiao showed his masters degree certificate of he ChaoLians famous university on his personal social platform, with the following text: master of science accountant from University of London ~ excellent graduate?!! This mushroom is not good I ask weakly, do I still have a chance to save some private money He ChaoLian then forwarded Xiu AI: accountants are in charge of your money. What are you worried about? Its true.

Some careful netizens pointed out that Dou Xiao will I still have the opportunity to leave some private money in the future? It is very meaningful. It is speculated that he wants to get the certificate from his girlfriend he ChaoLian. After all, the topic of private property money will only be involved after marriage.

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He ChaoLian shares the ideal relationship! Remember a word from father of gambling king

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