Hayward joined the Hornets for a four-year contract worth $120 million

 Hayward joined the Hornets for a four-year contract worth $120 million

Michael Jordan personally calls to recruit Hayward, who is moved by the Hornets sincerity

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After the news came out that the Hornets wanted to cut Batum, there were teams interested in him immediately. According to Yahoos Chris Haynes report, people familiar with the matter said that there are already several strong teams on Batum.

It has been reported that Hayward wants to go to the walkers most, and the walkers and Celtics have been talking about how to operate, but did not expect Hayward finally went to the Hornets.

Hayward had another seasons contract worth up to $34 million, but he chose to turn down the player option and become a free agent. It is reported that Hayward felt betrayed by the green army. The green army failed to fulfill the promise of that year, so that his offensive role could be guaranteed.

But its interesting that Hayward and the wasp still have a certain fate. In 2014, Hayward signed with the Hornets as a restricted player, but the Jazz chose to match the Hornets offer and left Hayward. This time, Hayward is a free agent, the green army cant keep him, and the Hornets finally got him.

Hayward joined wasp for $120 million in four years