Lizi takes her three daughters on a hike to thank Cecilia Cheung for the gift

 Lizi takes her three daughters on a hike to thank Cecilia Cheung for the gift

On March 22nd, the best time for me to do sports with Xiaozi on the 22nd of March is the best time for me to go hiking with Xiaozi. Chatting while walking, you can easily complete 8000 healthy steps. The weather is cool, and the fashionable little windbreaker has become their best outdoor equipment And mentioned Cecilia Cheung, said thank her for her intimate gift.

In the photo, Lizis three daughters, dressed in floral windbreaker, are of similar height and walk with their mother happily. Lizi also made a self portrait of herself. In the photo, her skin is white and her eyes are bright. Although she is nearly 50 years old, she looks very sweet with dimples. She still looks like a beautiful young girl.

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Lizis 300 million mansion interior exposure and disabled rich husband love

In addition, Netease Entertainment reported on November 15 that Lizi recently shared her family life and her tips on how to dress up on the social platform. However, netizens were shocked by the interior view of the luxury house behind the videos and photos, and even some netizens exclaimed: is this really not a palace?

We can learn from Lizis content that Lizis diet list is all formulated by nutritionists. The domestic servants are responsible for cooking, while Lizi is only responsible for eating.

From the exposed pictures, we can see that Lizis kitchen and kitchenware are almost comparable to a five-star hotel.

Even supper is more exquisite than the restaurant outside. A small bowl of fish and egg powder, the dish is extremely exquisite, two spoons are prepared, as well as chopsticks and small bowl.

In addition, her cloakroom and super gymnasium also exude the breath of money everywhere, all kinds of facilities are available, very luxurious.

It has been reported that this mansion was bought by Lizis husband Ma Tingqiang for 300 million yuan in 2007. The location of the mansion is unique. It is located in Lanxin Pavilion in the western half of Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient. It is reported that in addition to Lizi and his wife, Qiu Shuzhen and Zhang Baizhi have also stayed here.

Li Zis current husband, Ma Tingqiang, is known as a disabled rich man because of his disability. He took up an important position in the newspaper group when he was young, and later founded a company alone. According to media reports, due to Ma Tingqiangs low-key, Lizi has been in contact with him for five years. After marriage, the two people are in love and love each other very much, and Lizi soon has one Pregnant.

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